Moving to Canada and Settling in at Seneca

By Seneca College Modified on September 02, 2014

With more than 4,700 current international students from 111 countries, at Seneca we have a proud history of welcoming the world through our doors.

Seneca’s reputation for excellence is supported by more than 70 partnerships with universities in Canada and around the world. To our domestic and international students, these partnerships represent exciting pathways to further education and other opportunities. Seneca students also have the chance to gain valuable work experience through our cooperative education program.

If you are considering moving to Canada to study, it can be an exciting time in your life. Although you may not know many people or know how to navigate the system in Canada, there are many ways to make connections and get support from the college your choose.

Once you are accepted, Seneca will help you get settled into your new school and new home by offering airport pick-up, as well as assistance finding the right housing. Staff are available to help with student visa questions, applications and renewals throughout a student’s education.

Once the academic year begins, you can also take advantage of services to help you with your studies, including academic counselling and peer tutoring.

Seneca provides an English Language Institute (ELI) for international students who need to upgrade their English language skills before starting a full-time program at Seneca. ELI is a full-time program with eight levels, lasting seven weeks each. Students are assigned to a level based on an English assessment test. In addition to the regular classes, ELI also offers free walk-in evening tutorials for one-on-one help in writing, pronunciation and grammar.

International students can keep engaged with the college community by participating in a range of informative and social activities that take place throughout the year. Many cultural and general interest clubs are available on campus for students to connect with people of similar interests or backgrounds. You can find a club that reflects your interests with specific clubs related to a program, cultural or ethnic group.

These activities provide opportunities to meet people with similar interests, along with the chance to network, build relationships, and develop leadership skills.

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