Excellence through Exploration – Study in Canada at the University of Alberta

By University of Alberta Modified on September 02, 2014

By: Nathalie Batres, UAlberta BCom


Here at the University of Alberta we believe that education is an adventure and that you are the explorer. Here are the ways you’ll explore when you come study in Canada at the University of Alberta and how you can get started on your international education.

Personal and Academic Development

International experience is important to the success of any new graduate. When you choose to study in Canada at UAlberta you are taking the first step in becoming a well-rounded, internationally minded person. There are hundreds of personal and academic development opportunities offered to students at UAlberta such as the ability to join over 450 different student groups on campus, go on academic exchanges around the world, the chance to get a world class education from one of the world’s top 100 universities.

Global Perspective and Career Development

You are welcomed here! Canada is proud of, and famous for, its multiculturalism. Edmonton , UAlberta’s home town, boasts a large international community represented every year at the annual Heritage Day’s Festival. While being a place where you can explore many different cultures, Alberta is also the perfect place to discover and experience Canadian culture and activities like hockey, beautiful nature/scenery, and an amazing diversity in food. In addition to being a highly respected educational institution, UAlberta provides its students with many career development opportunities to make sure they graduate ready to succeed in their chosen career path with confidence and experience.

How do you get started?

The first step to getting started on your international adventure is to choose the right program for you (UAlberta students have over 200 undergraduate program options), apply online, and make sure to keep track of all deadlines. Once you are on campus make sure to visit the International Center at UAlberta, which offers specialized services for international students, to make your transition to Canada is as smooth as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your adventure! We cannot wait to see you here at UAlberta.

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