Cover Letter Tips

Modified on March 03, 2014

By Sophia Leonard

Student Housing

If you're applying for jobs, chances are you will be writing a cover letter at some point. Many people struggle writing these letters, and the opinions on what makes a good cover letter vary greatly. Here are some general guidelines to help get you started on writing your cover letter:

• Tone. You will want to show that you are confident in your skills and experience, without sounding arrogant. If you're not sure of how you sound, ask someone else to take a look at your cover letter.

• Relevance. Show the hiring manager that you understand what the job requires by giving them relevant examples of your education and work experience. Look at the job description and think about why you will excel at each task and use that evidence to craft your letter.

• Research. Make sure you know a bit about the company you're applying to before you submit your application. This isn't just important for your cover letter, but for you as well! You will want to see if they are a place you'd like to work and what they offer their employees.

• Language. It's important for all applicants to submit cover letters, resumes, and application forms with good spelling and grammar, and without typos. It's always good to have a second person look over your writing, and many school career centres will have workshops where you can bring in your cover letter.

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