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Modified on November 01, 2016

No matter where you currently are in your educational career, SchoolFinder is here to help by giving some tips on applying to your top programs of choice!


The process of applying to a higher education institution can sometimes be a bit confusing. The SchoolFinder team is here to give you a few pointers to smooth out the process and make sure that you submit your application successfully!

  1. 1. Ensure that you meet the academic requirements
    A lot of programs have different requirements based on the educational system/curriculum you currently study in. Checking those requirements out (which can include minimum averages, mandatory courses that need to be taken and more) can give you a better idea of finding out if you're eligible to be considered.
  2. 2. Check the application deadline
    Some schools have different application deadlines for different programs. Check out the program(s) you're interested in applying into to make sure that you're aware of each of these deadlines. This allows you to better prepare yourself to fill out the application before the deadline, and prepare any documents you are required to submit.
  3. 3. Submit additional documents, if required
    Not all programs ask for the same documents as part of the application process. Read your school of choice's website to see what your program asks of you. Some additional documents can include; letters of reference, a portfolio, supplemental application documents and more. Taking the time to properly prep these documents ahead of time gives you extra time to review, refine and submit with confidence.

We hope that these tips can help you prepare for the application process and lessen any worries you may be feeling about clicking that almighty Submit button on the last page of your application. Good luck!