Discover Your Passions With The Career Quiz

Modified on November 01, 2016

Find out what career best suits you!


Your senior year of high school can be a tricky time - apart from studying for your classes, doing homework and perhaps any extracurriculars you're involved in, you also have to figure out what you plan on doing after you graduate. Maybe some of your friends have already figured out where they want to study next year, and maybe some haven't. Perhaps you're still trying to figure things out.

We at are here to help you figure out your options through our Career Quiz.

Our Quiz is designed to help you figure out where your aptitudes lie. Taking our quiz and viewing the results can definitely help guide you in the right direction towards schools that will help you achieve a career that you find fulfilling.

The quiz involves 80 short questions (in the form of statements) that let you indicate how much you agree with a statement, from "No" to "Definitely". The questions run you through several areas of interest and allow us to properly gauge where your desires lie.

Logging in to your SchoolFinder dashboard, you can then click on the Career Quiz to start.

After taking the exam, you can then:

  1. 1. Identify your career options.
  2. 2. Explore your detailed career descriptions provided (Including job titles, duties, and typical wages).
  3. 3. Review the list of colleges, universities, and graduate schools which offer programs in your career(s) of choice.

Take the quiz, read through the results and try to envision what your future looks like. We can pretty much guarantee it's brighter than before you took our quiz.

Happy studies and good luck!