More than just an Education at Algoma U

By Algoma University Modified on January 13, 2015

When you choose to study at Algoma University, you’ll be getting an experience that goes beyond books, studying, and exams. You’ll be getting the full student experience, which includes taking part in cultural activities on campus, getting involved in student clubs, or getting elected on our student union.

Students can begin their time at Algoma U partnered with an upper year student in the Algoma Student Ambassador Program (ASAP), who will act as their buddy showing them around campus, the city, and getting them familiar with the Canadian culture and lifestyle. This buddy will help show new students what exciting things happen in the area on a regular basis.

Aside from taking advantage of ASAP, students can also participate in Frosh Week, Frost Week, and Spring Orientation Week, which will help students meet friends in their program and learn about the city.

Algoma U is also one of the most diverse campuses in Canada. With over 24 percent of our student body coming from outside of Canada, our campus is culturally-rich and cross-cultural. Students have the opportunity to share their culture with others in our frequent international dinners, including J-Night, K-Night, Brazil Night, and EID. Our dinners host over 250 guests, and continue to be one of the most popular events on campus.

Students can also run for the Algoma University Students’ Union (AUSU), and become elected members by their peers. In fact, the past three years have witnessed international students from Ghana and Saudi Arabia winning the title of AUSU President!

Aside from getting an international student life experience on our campus, students can also venture to the United States, since we share a border with Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. With a passport, students can visit another country for a day!