Scholarships Application Tips -

Date & Time
Wednesday, February 18, 2015, Eastern Standard Time(EST)
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Webinar - Scholarship
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Did you know that is Canada's largest database of scholarships, bursaries and awards? With over 81,000 scholarships worth over $176 million, we have a scholarship for you!

Webinar guest hosted by: Brittany Palmer

Brittany Palmer is the creator and force behind Unlock your Future: The Key to Scholarships.

Having gone through the scholarship process in 2005, Brittany was fortunate enough to win 16 scholarships totaling over $56,000. In June 2009, Brittany graduated debt-free from Simon Fraser University with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

Get the inside scoop on "Scholarship Applications" by registering for our online webinar and discover:

  • - A step-by-step guide to applying for scholarships
  • - How to write a scholarship application
  • - Application general consultation
  • - Other tips & tricks!

Sponsored by:
The King's University in Edmonton, AB, Canada
Centre for Arts & Technology in Kelowna, BC.