Test your management analytics skills at a Rotman Datathon 2018

Date & Time
Friday, October 26, 2018 - Saturday, October 27, 2018, Eastern Standard Time(EST)
Toronto, ON, Canada
Event Type
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Event Description
This two-day event, open to current undergraduate/graduate students and young professionals looking to experience the Rotman Master of Management Analytics (MMA). It will provide an opportunity to test your analytical skills in solving a business challenge.

Kickoff - Friday (5.30 PM EST start)

    • Registration and tech set up

    • Industry panel Q&A

    • Networking reception with industry, judges, faculty, current students and data scientist in residence

Competition - Saturday

    • Teams of 4 or 5 solve a business challenge using live data

    • Access to coaching from Rotman faculty

    • Analyze, visualize and submit your best solutions

    • Top teams present to a panel of industry and faculty experts

Prizes include over $35,000 worth of entrance awards to the MMA program.

We are hosting two Datathons this Fall, online and on campus. To learn more about the online event visit our registration page.

Note: you may only participate in one Rotman Datathon.

Sign up as an individual

If you are registering as an individual participant we will use the information you have provided to match you with a team for the event.

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If you wish to participate with a friend/friends register as a team. If your team has fewer than 4/5 members will add members to your team from individual registrants to keep all teams a similar size.

Note: during the sign up process team captains will be asked to enter a team name before registering. Captains can then share a signup link with other team members.