Network Your Way to a Job

Modified on June 09, 2014

by Sophia Leonard


You've probably already heard one of the working-world's most commonly used terms - networking. But what does it really mean? Simply put, networking is building a web of people to connect with professionally. If you're a high school student, this may seem silly - who are you going to network with? Is it even relevant to students and young people? What are the benefits?

Start with those closest to you - parents, friends, extended family, and friends of the family. These people in your personal life can definitely help you professionally. Maybe your friend's parents know of a job opening that would work really well with your school schedule. Maybe you did yardwork for your neighbour who can introduce you to a friend of theirs who needs help with landscaping.

Talking to the people around you about what you're interested in and what you are looking for will help them connect you to other opportunities. But remember, it isn't just about talking to people in order to advance YOUR career - networking is a two-way street, and is successful when all parties are looking out for everyone's best interests.

Even though networking may seem like a concept that only applies to experienced professionals, consider this: 70% of jobs come from networking!