5 Reasons to Study Visual Effects at Capilano University

By Capilano University Modified on June 20, 2024
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In the dynamic world of VFX, where you choose to study can profoundly impact your career trajectory.

5 Reasons to Study Visual Effects at Capilano University

Let's explore why the Visual Effects for Film, Streaming and Immersive Media Diploma at CapU is renowned globally and how it can help you succeed in the growing and competitive VFX industry.

1. A top-ranked program worldwide

The CapU VFX diploma is ranked among the world's top 20 Visual Effects Programs by The Rookies, an organization that helps up-and-coming artists in VFX, animation, and gaming find careers with top employers.

2. Industry-connected faculty and lab supervisors

Our VFX program is taught by industry professionals and world-renowned instructors who are actively working in the field. Our lab supervisors are unique in that we hire top industry professionals to help mentor students outside of class times.

This provides students with up-to-date knowledge and the opportunity to learn directly from those shaping the industry. It also helps by building valuable contacts and networks with studio artists.

Today, Capilano University Visual Effects graduates work at most of the top studios in the world, including Electronic Arts, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Digital Domain, and more.

Check out more of the program in this short showreel:

3. State-of-the-art facilities

The VFX program is unique amongst 3D and VFX schools because it gives students full-time access to a large dedicated virtual camera, motion capture, face, and hand capture studio, providing opportunities to create unique stories and portfolios.

This student-oriented space matches those used in professional studios and includes a 20-foot tall 270-degree green screen.

Classrooms are equipped with powerful workstations, rendering stations, and a render farm, giving students hands-on experience with equipment they will use in their careers.

5 Reasons to Study Visual Effects at Capilano University

4. A focus on innovation and creativity

VFX is a forward-looking program, aiming to be the best at preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow.

We do this by utilizing the powerful technologies of virtual and augmented reality, designing experiences at the convergence between film and games, or supercharging artists by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

5. Access to a large inventory of gear

If you need to film it, we have everything you need to realize your directorial vision: cameras, lenses, VR headsets, 360-degree cameras, lighting equipment and grip gear, props, and portable green screens.

5 Reasons to Study Visual Effects at Capilano University

Ready to step into the world of VFX?

Learn more about our program and why it's consistently ranked among the top 20 globally.

Take the next step towards your future by booking a personalized appointment with a Recruitment Advisor to explore how Capilano University can nurture your passion for visual effects and propel you toward an exciting career in this dynamic field.

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