Finding the Business Major that's Right For You

By Mount Royal University Modified on May 07, 2023
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Get to know the options available at MRU to start your journey into the world of business.

Finding the Business Major that's Right For You

An undergraduate business degree gives you a well-rounded skill set that will prepare you for nearly endless options when it comes to your future career.

In Mount Royal University's Bachelor of Business Administration, you start your first year in general management to build a solid foundation through theory and practical experience. In year two, you get to focus on the area that interests you most by specializing in one of seven majors. It's great to have options, but how do you decide which major is right for you? Let's break it down:

General management

General management is a versatile field where you'll learn to understand the "big picture" in a variety of business sectors. In general management at MRU, you are encouraged to complete a concentration in either Innovation and Entrepreneurship or Social Innovation to help enhance your degree. Possible career paths include:

  • general manager
  • social strategist
  • starting your own company from the ground up


Do you enjoy working with numbers, solving problems with concrete data and having clear guidelines? If so, an accounting major could be a good fit. Accountants create, audit and analyze financial information of a person, business or organization. Plus, with the expanding global economy, changing tax regulations and new financial reporting standards, accountants are in high demand in a variety of industries.


Finance combines the logical with the artistic. While rooted in math, statistics, and economics, it also requires flexibility, the ability to spot opportunities and nuanced judgment. In MRU's finance major, you'll gain a solid foundation in analytical finance, banking investment management, and data modelling. Future career possibilities include:

  • commercial banker
  • securities trader
  • financial planner
  • wealth management consultant

Human resources

Human resources is a great option if you value teamwork, helping people, solving social problems, and seeing tangible results. HR professionals drive organizational performance through recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, employee performance and engagement, labour relations and more.

A major in HR opens a world of career possibilities by preparing you for any role that deals with communication and interpersonal relationships.

International business

An international business major prepares you to put your business skills to work anywhere in the world! You'll gain in-depth knowledge on global trade and supply chain strategy, cross-cultural management, international marketing, finance, trade management, and foreign entry strategies. You might find work as:

  • import/export compliance adviser
  • international trade commissioner
  • management consultant


If you have an artistic side and enjoy working in a dynamic environment, a major in marketing could be the perfect fit. Marketing professionals blend creativity with strategy to effectively brand businesses, reach target audiences, and bring products, services, and campaigns to market. You could find work:

  • guiding the strategic creative direction of large corporations
  • helping start-ups build a brand identity from scratch
  • everything in between!

Supply chain management

Supply chain management explores the interconnectedness of all aspects of a business. Learn to stay ahead of business trends in globalization, international trade and the need for developing sustainable and resilient worldwide distribution processes.

You'll also experience how machine learning and artificial intelligence can help tackle supply chain challenges. Possible careers include:

  • distribution scheduler
  • process designer
  • operational performance manager

No matter which major you choose, a Bachelor of Business Administration can open up a world of possibilities! See how one of MRU's business students launched her own successful business while completing her degree.

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