Your Personal Guide to Choosing Electives

7 strategies for choosing the right electives.

A Humber College student enjoys her elective courses.

Depending on the program you've chosen, you will probably be required to take electives in addition to your core courses. Electives are a great opportunity to diversify and enrich your academic experience. Below are some elective selection strategies based on different student priorities and interests.

The student who loves new learning adventures

If you're an adventure seeker who loves going outside your comfort zone, you may want to try completely different courses and subjects. You may even unearth a completely new interest or passion that you had never considered before. If you're in a business program, perhaps take a humanities-related course. If you are in a media program, maybe consider a math or science course to further enhance your knowledge base. There are endless options, especially at a larger college like Humber.

The student who truly loves their program

If you want to learn as much about your program as possible, you may want to choose electives that are similar to your program or complement your future career aspirations. The course registration website has a good breakdown of available course options, and your Humber program coordinator or academic advisor may be able to help you identify some suitable options within your program or Faculty.

The student who is focused on their future

For students intently focused on their future, you may want to enroll in courses that will provide you with practical knowledge and skills for the future. Courses in accounting, finance, presentation skills or even family studies will teach skills that you can take with you wherever your career and life go.

The student looking for the 'tried and true' courses

Some students really want to know what kind of course they're getting into before they sign up. This may involve asking former students for their insight or checking online reviews of courses and their professors.

Here's some of the courses that current upper-year students at Humber have recommended:

  • FILM 2502: Visual Communications
  • CRIM 1500: Introduction to Criminology
  • PSYC 1000: Introduction to Psychology
  • HUMA 2010: Pop Culture
  • PSYC 2500: Social Psychology
  • SOCI 3001: Social Entrepreneurship
  • ENGL 2000: Love Stories
  • PSYC 3002: Cultural Psychology

It's important to understand your program's elective requirements before adding them to your timetable. If you need help planning your courses, contact your program coordinator, visit or email

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