Love Camp? Get College Credit!

By Briercrest College Modified on July 09, 2019

Wish camp would never end? With the Kaléo program, do your first year of college at camp.

Excited campers mug for the camera.

You know you're a camp person when simply hearing the word 'camp' brings back more memories than words can express. You remember themed meals, camp wide games, cabin devotions, the smell of bug spray in the air, and more fun — and work — than you ever thought possible.

Whether you started as a camper or were called to camp as a young adult, you know that camp is a special place. It's a place full of possibility, designed to help campers encounter Jesus. Camp is a place for outdoor adventure, service, and changing lives for eternity.

If you know all these things to be true, then you've probably found yourself wishing that camp would never end. Before you know it, August comes, and the whirlwind of activity turns into cleaning, packing, and leaving one of the best places in the world. Planning for the school year and choosing courses never seems quite as fun as planning cabin pranks and practicing skills.

Now imagine that camp didn't end when school started again. What would it look like if all your favourite parts of camp — being outdoors, having adventures, serving and making a difference — could be a part of your college experience?

With the Kaléo program, you don't have to imagine. The opportunity really exists! Kaléo is a partnership between Briercrest College and Camp Qwanoes designed to develop young leaders for lives of ministry and service. Combining the adventure and frontline ministry of camp with the academics and spiritual emphasis of Briercrest, this program offers students like you the best of both worlds.

Good news, camp people: you could live in a camp setting, do the camp things you love, and earn one full year of college credit. You can even do a BA in Christian Ministry with a Camp Ministry Concentration. Check out the Kaléo program to learn more.