Let SchoolFinder Help You Explore Your Study Options Around The Globe

Modified on December 02, 2016

Our search features will help you discover the best study options for you!


Written by: Brian Hastie

The SchoolFinder website has many functions that allow you to find out your options for studying around the globe, no matter what your interests are.

Program Search

Our brand new Program Search page gives you the option of either searching for a specific program, or exploring a range of programs through your different interests.

Typing in your desired program will bring you results that you can then filter for example, if you want to find out what your options are for a bachelor degree in biology in the United States, you can refine your results to find out what's out there!

Ever considered working while going to school? You can always select the "Co-Op" Degree Modifier from the filter in order to see what programs offer co-op opportunities.

If you're not sure what to search for, clicking on one of the 16 categories on the page lets you see what sort of fields of study fall under your selected category of interest. This is a great feature for exploring your options. Explore what interests you - you never know what you may find!

Selecting a specific program from your search results brings you to a program's profile page. At the bottom of each program page, you can also view career prospects, which gives you a great idea of the career path you can enter once you graduate. Clicking on the careers link also shows you other schools that offer similar programs, which is another great way of finding out what's out there.

School Search

Our School Search page works in the same fashion as the Program Search - you can either search by school name, or explore a list of institutions by type.

Our search function allows you to search for a specific type of school and degree. If you're looking to study a Bachelor degree in the United Kingdom, for example, we allow you to easily see what's available through the filters on the results page.

Clicking on a school also allows you to find out more about it, including: Quick Facts about the school, School Profile, Admission criteria, Fees, Financial Aid options, Facilities, Programs, Contact Information and Scholarships. Some schools even allow you to directly request information right on their profile!

Your Dashboard

If you see something you like (a program, a school, or a career), you can save it to your profile so that you can then come back and look at it through your dashboard. You can do this by either clicking on the left-hand star on various search results pages, or the "Save" button directly on profile pages.

Happy hunting, and keep an open mind - you never know what may strike your fancy.