Four Tips for Saving Money Through the Summer

Discover how you can make this your most financial savvy summer yet!

 Four Tips for Saving Money Through the Summer

By: Hefzi-ba Mancilla Plaza

As summer approaches, we all look forward to spending time outside and enjoying the patio season! However, students face a new challenge of balancing their budgets while enjoying the season's offerings. We will show you how through financial planning you can make the most of these sunny months without overspending.

Calculate your net income

The first step in this financial journey is to calculate your net income. To determine your net income, consider contributions from family, financial aid, and income from part-time jobs. If you need further help, Humber College offers free financial literacy workshops. You can learn more about these workshops on Humber’s Financial Services website.

Crunch the numbers the Humber way

With your income in mind, list all monthly expenses, distinguishing between necessities and discretionary spending. Humber's student services can offer guidance on managing common expenses such as transportation, groceries, and utilities. By leveraging Humber's expertise, you can identify areas where cost-saving measures can be implemented without sacrificing your summer enjoyment.

Utilizing Humber's financial planning tools and calculators, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your financial outlook and identify opportunities for optimization. Visit the Humber Student Life website to explore all the resources.

Create a summer budget

To optimize your budget and limit your spending on things like a gym membership or getting your nails done, use on-campus services and find student-exclusive discounts.

As a Humber student you can access the Humber gyms for free and receive discounted prices on nails and massages! To learn more about how to get your free gym membership head over to the fitness page on the Student Life website.

Scholarships and OSAP

Each year, numerous Canadian students overlook millions of dollars in available scholarships and bursaries. Consider exploring scholarship platforms like ScholarshipsCanada and applying for OSAP ahead of time. To learn more about this process, Humber has laid out all the information you on about applying for OSAP online.

Summer budgeting journey

With Humber's guidance and your proactive approach to financial management, you can embark on a summer filled with unforgettable memories, all while staying within your budget. Visit the Humber Student Life website to explore all the resources available and make this summer your most financially savvy yet!

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