The Business Opportunities Toronto Offers Make it a Career Launchpad

By Centennial College Modified on May 31, 2024
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Discover why Toronto is a great place for students interested in business!

 The Business Opportunities Toronto Offers Make it a Career Launchpad

It simply makes sense to consider business programs in Toronto if your goal is to become a professional in this industry. That’s because the city of Toronto is Canada’s biggest business centre. Its size alone gives you access to a vast range of opportunities to network, engage in real-world experiences before you graduate, and have one-on-one interactions with future employers.

Let’s take a look at how aspiring business professionals moving to Toronto for school can propel their careers.

The range of business opportunities Toronto offers

The world of Business has a diverse number of professions. Every company needs accounting, bookkeeping, administration, supply chain and operations, finance, human resources, marketing, and many other professionals. Toronto (or TO) is also competitive in several business sectors, from technology and life sciences, to fashion and design, and digital media. Did you know that 38% of Canada’s businesses are headquartered in the city? It’s no wonder that the region accounts for 18.5% of the nation’s gross domestic product, which measures the total output created through the production of goods and services in a country during a certain period.

Taking a closer look at the financial sector, for example, the first thing you’ll notice is that TO is the second largest financial centre in North America. It’s also a Top 10 financial hub globally. Additionally, the city has the highest concentration of financial services company headquarters in the Americas. That’s pretty impressive — and it generates many possibilities for those moving to Toronto for school.

Moving to Toronto for school gives you access to top employers

The city’s status as a powerhouse comes with the possibility of interacting with employers, being chosen for a work placement, and being hired by top companies. Toronto is home to many major corporations. For example, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (better known as CIBC) is one of the city’s largest employers, with more than 15,000 workers. Scotiabank is not far behind with 14,000 employees, and the Bank of Montreal comes in third with about 9,000 workers.

Of course, finance isn’t the only sector with major corporations based in the city. Rogers Communications is the undeniable king of providing business opportunities in telecommunications or media, for example. It owns multiple cable TV stations and radio stations, along with wireless communications, internet, and telephone divisions. As a result, the company employs about 10,000 people in the TO region. Its main competitor, Bell Canada, employs about 8,000. Telus rounds out top telecommunications employers in TO with its 4,000 employees.

Want more impressive stats? Consider this: three of the top five largest Canadian insurers are located here, as are two of the Top 20 global pension funds, and eight of the 10 largest Canadian asset managers. The Toronto Stock Exchange, meanwhile, leads globally in the number of total new listings. It also ranks ninth in the world by market capitalization.

Business programs in Toronto

Moving to Toronto for school is a strategic move for those launching a business career. With multiple sectors, the opportunities are expansive and varied. At Centennial College’s Business School, there are 30 programs that span from two semesters to three years. In many of these programs, work experience is embedded through co-op, internships, and work placement opportunities. What’s more, professionals who are still active in the industry teach students, bringing their experiences and their networks into classrooms to take business education to the next level.

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