How You Can Get Involved at Mount Allison University

By Mount Allison University Modified on June 02, 2023
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Mount Allison has plenty of options for students to get involved. You just need to discover what opportunities speak to you.

 How You Can Get Involved at Mount Allison University

There’s more to your university education than just passing your classes — what you do outside of the classroom is important too. University is a time where you can explore who you are as a person and uncover interests you didn’t know you had. Getting involved on campus offers many benefits, like making lifelong friendships, developing essential soft skills, and making your resumé more impressive for employers.

Just getting through your classes may feel like a lot sometimes, so how can you add extracurriculars on top of that without having too much on your plate? Simple! Find an experience outside of the classroom that interests you — and we’ve got plenty of opportunities for you to choose from. Check out some of the options you have for getting involved at Mount Allison University:

1. Clubs and societies

Getting involved with clubs and societies is a great way to pursue your interests and develop skills that will be useful in your career, such as teamwork, collaboration, and leadership. Student clubs are a great way to connect with people who share similar interests and values and can lead to great friendships and network connections.

With over 110 student-run clubs and societies, you’re sure to find something that piques your interest! Here are a sample of the clubs you can find at Mount Allison:

  • Black Students’ Union
  • Gamers League
  • Healthcare Outreach
  • Presents: The Improv
  • Women in Science

If you can’t find any clubs that interest you, then you can start your own club!

2. Volunteering

Volunteering at your school is a great way to boost your resumé without having to search for positions off campus. When you’re job hunting after graduation, employers often look to see what other experiences a candidate has that could be beneficial to them, and volunteer positions usually check these boxes.

Some common volunteer positions at Mount Allison are:

  • Orientation leaders and volunteers: welcome new students to campus and help them settle in
  • Residence leaders: create the best residence experience possible
  • Peer support: you could tutor students in a subject you’re good at; become a mentor for Indigenous, international, first-generation students, or students with disabilities; act as an academic mentor for students in residence; volunteer in the health clinic on campus; or even provide tech support
  • Join the student government: represent your fellow students at Mount Allison
  • Join The Argosy and CHMA: find your journalistic side with the student newspaper or radio station

3. Student jobs

Many students will pick up a part-time job to help fund their education. The best place to look for a job is on campus. Working on campus means your employer is extremely accommodating of your classes and will work around your term and exam schedules.

Check out the top three ways students will earn some cash while studying:

  • Paid internships: you can work at a local or international business for either a summer internship (full-time during the summer) or an academic year internship (part-time during the academic year)
  • Work opportunities for students: our student job bank offers a range of work opportunities for students, both on- and off-campus
  • Research assistant: help a professor or department conduct valuable research

4. Athletics and recreation

Is there a sport you love to play? Do you enjoy fitness and teamwork? If your answer is yes, then you have a range of opportunities available.

Play on one of our many varsity sports teams, like soccer, swimming, volleyball, or basketball. Join a competitive club sport, like lacrosse and rugby, where you compete against colleges, universities, and senior teams. Or, if you’re looking for something less competitive, but equally fun, try an intramural sport, like dodgeball, flag football, or hockey.

5. Arts and culture

You can also explore our vibrant arts and culture scene, which includes theatre performances, concerts, films, festivals, and more! The wide range of year-round events on campus means there’s always something for you.

You’ll find events like Mount Allison Performing Arts Series, START student-run art gallery, Presents: The Improv, an annual powwow, pride parade, and many more! Check out our full calendar of events to see what’s going on.

6. Study abroad

Earning a global perspective from your education is neat perk that can help set you apart from other candidates when looking for a job. Studying abroad is more than travelling. You’ll have the opportunity to learn a different language, take an interesting course, experience a new culture, and expand your network.

You could study abroad for a semester, during the summer, or even a whole year. We’ve got school partners all around the world, so you’ll likely find somewhere you want to explore.

Your international experiences aren’t just limited to studying abroad either. You could also participate in summer field schools, an exchange program, an independent study abroad, conferences, international internships, undergraduate research, and volunteering.

7. Student events

Events on campus are a great way to make new friends outside of the classroom, expand your experiences, and learn more about yourself. Every year, there are events that you can be part of:

  • Orientation week
  • Homecoming weekend
  • Pride parade
  • First class and last class bash
  • Winter carnival

Events can last a day, a weekend, or even a full week! We’ll often have theme weeks as well, such as Wellness Week, Pride Week, and Entrepreneur Week, that have different activities across campus.

So, there you have it! A fun-filled list of the different ways you can get involved on campus at Mount Allison University. Don’t let your university experience be limited to the classroom. Get out there and experience everything your university has to offer.

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