Celebrating National Engineering Month

By Algonquin College Modified on March 02, 2023
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Are you interested in engineering? If so, check out Algonquin's Bachelor of Engineering in Automation and Robotics!

 Celebrating National Engineering Month

Algonquin College aims to transform hopes and dreams into lifelong success. To further this mission, the college is constantly striving to improve offerings to learners.

This includes expanding programs and opportunities. At the end of August, the first cohort from the Bachelor of Engineering (Automation and Robotics) program will graduate. Algonquin College is currently the only college in Ontario offering this program.

To mark National Engineering month, we take a closer look at this program.

What sets Algonquin’s Automation and Robotics program apart

“Engineering opens doors for graduates,” said Ray Greiss, Professor, Mechanical and Transportation Technology, School of Advanced Technology. “It’s not uncommon to do a degree in one area and branch into another, since there is such a demand for engineers.”

He said the Bachelor of Engineering (Automation and Robotics) is the type of program one would find in a university setting, but with a twist. “What sets it apart is our college setting,” said Greiss. “We have small cohorts and no courses in large lecture theatres. Our students have good relationships with faculty, since it’s a close-knit group. Because it’s new, we are constantly receiving feedback as to what can be improved, and we’ve seen positive changes over the past four years.”

Greiss said students are also equally capable of mastering design and theoretical elements, not just theory, making the program at Algonquin much more practical.

Building great connections

Greiss said the setting also plays a part in student success. “Our labs are very versatile. Labs are a completely different beast (here) than in a university setting,” he said. “We focus on practicality. Our professors have experience in industry, and we have small class sizes; our biggest class is 20 students. The importance of the relationships with our faculty can’t be understated. The strong relationships our students build with their colleagues and professors are a big draw.”

Learning about autonomous and remotely operated systems

The four-year Bachelor of Engineering (Automation and Robotics) program prepares students for a career in the field of automation and robotics. Autonomous and remotely operated systems are deployed the world over with ever increasing frequency. Such systems are being implemented in many instances to reduce risk to human workers, to achieve higher efficiencies in manufacturing, and to improve the quality of lives through robot-assisted rehabilitation and care.

Variations of these systems are often in place for reasons of feasibility, efficiency, safety, or practicality. Traditionally, to develop such systems, collaborative expertise, and knowledge in aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as computer science is necessary.

Through a combination of these three fields of engineering, this program helps you acquire the theoretical and applied expertise to succeed in the high-demand field of automation and robotics.

Opportunities for co-op

The program also includes three co-op placements and an eight-month long capstone project where students get to demonstrate their skills. “We have industry partners who sponsor this project,” said Greiss. Projects created will be on display at Algonquin’s RE/ACTION showcase this Spring.

Does this sound like the program for you? Learn more about Algonquin College’s Bachelor of Engineering (Automation and Robotics) program by visiting our website.

Discover Algonquin’s Automation and Robotics program

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