Bake the World a Better Place with a Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

Are you interested in cooking, baking, or both? Master the skills you need to become a chef.

 Bake the World a Better Place with a Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

Are you a creative person who has an interest in satiating the senses with your culinary creations? Do you want to become a chef? If so, Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa may be the best place for you to master the art of cooking, baking, and culinary techniques. Whether you’re interested in exploring cuisine from around the world, creating exquisite desserts, or both, you can tackle it all at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa!

Each diploma is broken up into three certificates: basic, intermediate, and superior, with each section lasting three months. You must successfully complete each certificate in order to receive the diploma. As you work through each certificate, techniques are layered upon each other and become more complicated, incorporating aspects of organization, preparation, balance, and timing. Discover the three diplomas you can choose from the culinary cosmos:

Cuisine diploma

If you want to master classical French culinary techniques and learn about international cuisine, then the Cuisine diploma is the program for you!

Here’s what you can expect to learn in each certificate level:

Basic cuisine

The basic cuisine certificate is an introductory course into classic French cuisine. You’ll be introduced to preparing your meals, such as trussing a chicken, and integrating sauces, stocks, and spices into your dishes.

Check out some of the skills you’ll learn to master:

  • classical French culinary techniques
  • basic knife skills
  • foundations and fundamentals of cheese making
  • basic wine knowledge and pairing

Intermediate cuisine

The intermediate cuisine certificate is where you’ll refine your skills as you create famous recipes. There’s an emphasis of mise en place ? organizing and preparing your ingredients ? and presenting and plating your dishes.

In the intermediate certificate, you’ll learn new skills such as:

  • French regional cuisine
  • canapés and finger food buffet work
  • Canadian culinary techniques and cuisine
  • butchery and fish filleting

Superior cuisine

The superior cuisine certificate prepares you for a professional career as a chef. You’ll develop advanced techniques in cuisine, working with recipes that include high quality products and richer, more refined ingredients.

You’ll explore topics like:

  • butchery
  • introduction to menu planning
  • magnificent decay: cheese and flavour
  • wine and food pairing
  • personal creativity and innovation

For a better picture of what the cuisine diploma would look like, check out this video:

Pastry diploma

Do you want to become a pastry chef and bake exquisite desserts? The Pastry diploma is designed for you to master French pastry and baking techniques found in the finest pastry shops worldwide.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each certificate:

Basic pastry

The basic pastry certificate is an introductory course into classic French pastry. You’ll gain a strong foundation on which you’ll build the basic skills and knowledge of French patisserie.

In this certificate, you’ll develop your skills in:

  • basic doughs and fillings
  • mousses, traditional desserts, and cakes
  • classic techniques and basic decoration

Intermediate pastry

In the intermediate pastry certificate, you’ll apply the baking techniques you previously learned to more advanced levels of pastry.

You’ll work on:

  • caramel, nougatine, and sugar work
  • introduction to chocolate: tempering and dipping
  • ice cream and sorbets

Superior pastry

The superior pastry certificate is the final level of the pastry diploma where you’ll be prepared to start a professional career as a pastry chef. Here, you’ll learn the most advanced techniques in pastry, such as:

  • hand-dipped and moulded chocolates
  • sculpture and display in chocolate and sugar
  • wedding cakes

If you’re interested in developing your creative flair in baking, then check out the pastry diploma:

Grande Diplôme

Can’t decide whether you love cooking or baking more? With this diploma, you won’t have to! The Grande Diplôme will help you master technical skills in cuisine and pastry. By completing this program, you’ll earn both the Cuisine and Pastry Diplomas.

This diploma is structured differently than the previous two. When you successfully complete the basic, intermediate, and superior certificates in both Cuisine and Pastry, you’ll earn the Grande Diplôme.

For a look into the Grande Diplôme program, check out what a previous student has to say:

Each certificate is taught using a demonstration and practical portion. You’ll begin by observing, taking notes, and asking questions as one of our world-renowned chefs shares their special tips and techniques when it comes to creating a multitude of dishes. After this, you’ll follow your chef instructor into one of our state-of-the art professional kitchens to try your hand at creating the recipes with plenty of guidance from your chef instructor.

So, if you’re ready to create culinary masterpieces or pastry perfections, then consider studying under the best of the best at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa! There are four intakes each year: January, April, July, and October. All you need to apply is a passion for cooking or baking and a high school diploma or equivalent. No prior culinary experience is required!

Become a chef today with Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

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