Fund Your Education in London with Middlesex University

By Middlesex University Modified on February 23, 2023
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If you've been dreaming of pursuing a degree in London, it may be more feasible than you think with Middlesex University!

 Fund Your London Education with Middlesex University

Do you want to study in London? From building strong career networks, to planning unforgettable nights out, there’s nowhere better than London to make the most of university. Being in London opens up chances to network with future employers in the city and get valuable work experience. It means you're close to museums and art galleries, shopping and nightlife, and so much green open space.

But, studying abroad can be expensive. Luckily, Middlesex University provides scholarships and awards and offers other financial support while you study. Check out how you can fund your education at Middlesex:

Scholarships and awards

We don't want you to be discouraged from university due to financial reasons, so we offer scholarships, awards, and bursaries that are awarded based on your personal circumstances and achievements.

Explore some of the scholarships you could apply for:

Middlesex Sport Scholarship Scheme

Award amount: Ranging from £200 to £1,000 (approximately $322 to $1,614 CAD)

You could benefit from the Middlesex Sport Scholarship Scheme if you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate student who excels in sports. If you’re competing at a regional or national level in your sport, you could be eligible! This is for talented sports performers who are keen to continue their sport and compete for the university.

Regional or International Merit Award

Award amount: up to £2,000 (approximately $3,230 CAD)

Both the Regional and International Merit Awards reward students who have an impressive academic record. So, if you’re a talented student in an undergraduate or postgraduate course, you could receive £2,000 towards your course fees.

Academic Excellence Scholarship Awards

Award amount: £5,000 (approximately $8,075 CAD)

We have a limited number of £5,000 Academic Excellence Scholarship Awards available to North and South American students who’ve demonstrated high levels of academic excellence in their previous studies. So, if you’re a top student, this could be yours!

What you need to know about scholarships

Visit our scholarships page for a list of Middlesex scholarships you may be eligible for. Here’s what you should keep in mind when applying to scholarships:

  • You can apply for more than one scholarship
  • You can only receive one scholarship at one time, so if you’ve been awarded more than one, you’ll automatically be awarded the one of highest value
  • The Scholarships Committee’s decision about awards is final

Financial support while you study

Financial support doesn’t just mean scholarships and awards; it also includes other ways you can save some money on your education. So, how exactly can we help at Middlesex?

Living Costs Fund

Life can get messy, but we don’t want that to stop you from pursuing your studies! The Living Costs Fund acts as a safety net to help support you with small, unexpected costs. This fund is available to all students who are enrolled, or those retaking modules. With this fund, it will provide you with an amount of money or a voucher that’ll help you buy food, toiletries, pay off part of a bill, or put towards rent.

Laptop loan scheme

Not everyone has access to a personal laptop. That’s why we purchased an additional 1,000 laptops during the pandemic to help students. Our laptops have full desktop software, printing functionality, on-screen sign-in instructions, and can be used on- or off-campus.

So, if money is tight and you don’t have a personal laptop, you can borrow one of our laptops for free! All you need to do is make a laptop loan request!

Free personal learning materials

Did you know Middlesex is the only UK university to provide all students with free personal learning materials to assist with their studies? But, what exactly does this mean? Here’s what you can expect:

  • The majority of students will receive the core book from their reading list for free as a personal e-book
  • Students who require the Adobe Creative Suite for the course will receive access for free, meaning you’ll have access to Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and much more!
  • All printing for your course is free

You’ve got plenty of options to help support you as you pursue your studies! So, will you be studying in London? We hope to see you at Middlesex University!

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