Why Study Abroad Instead of a Local University?

Improving employability, learning languages, and exploring options: there are plenty of reasons to study overseas!

Why Study Abroad Rather than a Local University?

Education is a never-ending process that has always been a part of our lives. The best education can lead to a brighter future. If you want to get the most out of your university experience, you may want to look beyond your local school.

Studying abroad is a holistic experience that includes more than just education. The benefits follow you home! With an international degree, you'll broaden your career and personal horizons in a unique way. Here are three big reasons to consider studying abroad:

1. A wide range of course options to choose from

Overseas universities provide educational flexibility; whether you focus on double degrees, double majors, or even cross-faculty subjects, studying internationally often provides a wider range of courses, including research opportunities and skill-based training. You'll also encounter new specialization options, academic perspectives, and learning styles.

IU International University of Applied Sciences is preparing over 100,000 students for successful careers through various study models. IU offers over 200 study programs at the bachelor's, master's, and MBA levels in STEM, business, and other fields taught by experienced professionals.

A practical curriculum, using case studies to aid learning, means you'll graduate with a realistic understanding of your future career. No wonder 94% of IU's graduates find work within three months of graduation.

2. Become more employable

Employers value graduates who have chosen to study abroad. Pursuing a degree abroad shows employers that you have courage, flexibility, cultural awareness, and an understanding of how other people work and think. This, combined with part-time or temporary overseas working experiences, makes you a desirable candidate.

While attending IU, you'll interact with students from various nations, encountering various cultures, and understanding new ways of thinking. The IU Career Office has recently made exclusive career services accessible from anywhere, any time, and a wealth of opportunities to work while studying online. You'll access to get networking opportunities with employers and partners, career fairs, and alumni talks. You'll also find featured career guidance, resumé assistance, and job postings.

3. From language learning to language living

The goal at IU is to provide you with the best tools possible for successfully developing an international career. Having an English-taught degree from an international university can improve your chances of being promoted to a managerial position or taking on managerial tasks and responsibilities later in your career.

With an internationally recognised degree, you also have a better chance of finding a job abroad — a great way to develop your skills, build a global network, challenge yourself, and try something new. It also provides a strong defence against job market fluctuations and changes; with a global skillset and profile, students will find it easier to find work even in difficult times, thanks to their ability to fill positions anywhere in the world.

And with an internationally recognised degree, grads have a better chance of finding a job abroad — a great way to develop their skills, build a global network, challenge themselves, and try something new.

As an IU graduate, you will have an internationally-recognized and accredited degree and access to our global network of alums, job fairs, and career events with our global business partners. Develop your international profile by earning an English-taught university degree from Germany's largest university of applied sciences.

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