Gain Professional Skills at York University

By York University Modified on January 28, 2023
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Learn more about services available to help you enhance your employability.

Gain Professional Skills at York University

The transition between studying and entering a career can be daunting. Explore ways to get hands-on experience while studying, and build employable skills to help you enter your field of interest with confidence.

What is York's Career Education & Development department?

Your future profession awaits, and Career Education & Development can help you get there. Get assistance with developing practical skills, such as career self-management, where you'll learn how to manage your time; decision making; and problem-solving, from trained professionals at York University.

Whether you're looking for a job or you're exploring your career options, there are several networking events, meetings, and webinars for you to discover. Getting involved helps you network with professionals and students alike.

Here's a sneak peek of what to expect:

1. Speak with career peer educators

Get free support in a comfortable environment from current York students on how to build impactful resumés, cover letters, and more during drop-in hours.

2. Attend career development webinars

Attend group sessions and workshops within the York community to find support with career exploration and areas of job searching with professionals who have York students' best interests in mind.

A full list of services is available on the Career Education & Development website.

Boost your professional abilities with York's experiential education

Experiential education allows you to take your understanding of course materials from the classroom and into the world around you. Apply your studies in various academic and community environments to better understand and engage with the content you're learning. Check out these three experiential education strategies:

1. Course-focused

Apply concepts and theories covered in your courses in real-life or simulated experiences, such as interacting with a guest speaker, analyzing a case study, or going on a field visit.

2. Community-focused

Connect with your course material and apply your learning outside the classroom by interacting with the community.

3. Work-focused

Apply the concepts you've learned in your courses to the professional activities you'll engage in at work.

How can you benefit from experiential education and Career Education & Development?

When you explore your career path, the possibilities are endless. Learn how to make a great first impression on the job with experiential education, and develop in-demand employee skills, such as communication, teamwork, and leadership.

It's never too early to start thinking about your career. Learn techniques to build a strong resumé and cover letter to aid in landing an interview. Career education & development will help you build the skills you need to have a successful interview and offers a supportive environment for addressing your career-related questions.

Success awaits! Hear from one of our alumni, Reshma:

"My Social Work practicum experience at Career Education & Development played a major role in preparing me to work as a professional. Not only was my experience beneficial to me in attaining my current job, but as a student who was preparing for life after university. York University taught me what I needed to take that next step in my career path."

- Reshma (she/her), Program Assistant at The Career Foundation, BSW 2022

At York University, we want to help you unlock your potential as a future changemaker. Experiential education and career education & development are your tickets to applying your academic and professional skills to the world around you — make your impact!

Explore York's Career Education & Development office

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