Explore University of Manitoba's Entrance Scholarships for Superb Students

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If you've received top grades in high school, then you could receive some great scholarships from the University of Manitoba.

 Explore University of Manitoba’s Entrance Scholarships for Superb Students

So, you’ve got your future on your mind, and you’ve decided you want to continue your education with an undergraduate degree. Whether you’ve already applied to the schools and programs you’d like, or you’re still deciding, now’s the time to consider how you’re going to pay for your undergrad. Luckily, at the University of Manitoba (UM), you won’t need to stress too much about your finances!

The University of Manitoba offers exciting scholarships to recognize the achievements of recent high school graduates like you. Each year, the University of Manitoba gives out over $2.5 million in entrance scholarships. If you're a student in Manitoba, you're in excellent shape. UM offers lots of scholarships to locals in an effort to support students in the province. Find out how you can receive some of these scholarships for your first year at UM.

Automatic entrance scholarships

Automatic scholarships are great for students who are busy with their extracurricular activities and schoolwork. When you apply for admission at UM and submit your transcripts, you’ll be automatically considered for a wide range of entrance scholarships and awards based on your academic excellence from your last year or two of high school.

Check out some of the automatic entrance scholarships you’ll be considered for:

University of Manitoba General Entrance Scholarships

If you’ve graduated from a Canadian high school with outstanding academic averages, then you may fall under one of the three scholarship levels and receive some money.

Scholarship level Your average Scholarship amount
Level 1: University of Manitoba Queen Elizabeth II Entrance Scholarship 95.0%+ $3,000
Level 2: Guertin Centennial Entrance Scholarship 90.0% - 94.9% $2,000
Level 3: Hogg Centennial Entrance Scholarship 85.0% - 89.9% $1,000

You must receive a minimum average of 85% over the best five courses from a pre-approved list in five different subject areas. For the full list of pre-approved subjects, check out the University of Manitoba General Entrance Scholarships on our Entrance Awards page.

Isabel Auld, Chancellors’, and President’s Laureate Scholarships

Award amount: $5,000

Renewable: up to three years with a GPA of 3.75 each year

The Isabel Ault scholarship is offered to the Manitoba high school student graduating with the highest average. The Chancellor’s scholarships are offered to the Manitoba high school students with the second, third, and fourth highest academic averages. The President’s Laureate scholarship is offered to students with the highest average from their grade 12 final marks.

To be eligible for these awards, you’ll need a minimum average of 95% from your best five courses on UM’s pre-approved subject list, and the highest aggregate score on one English 40S course, pre-calculus math 40S, and at least one science or language course.

Application-based scholarships

If you want to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship, you can also take the time to apply for entrance awards that require an application. The University of Manitoba has an extensive list of awards in our database for you to sort through.

Here are a couple of the top scholarships you can apply to:

BMO Financial Group Leader of Tomorrow Scholarships

Award amount: $16,000

Awards available: 9

The BMO Financial Group Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship program highlights exceptional high school graduates who combine outstanding leadership potential with academic giftedness.

Want to know if you’re eligible for one of nine awards? Some of the requirements you’ll need are:

  • achieved a high school average of at least 90% in courses from a pre-determined list
  • demonstrated leadership qualities
  • demonstrated evidence of a high level of communication skills
  • a record of community involvement
  • demonstrated evidence of special abilities other than those shown by academic results (ex. artistic, athletic, or literary accomplishments)

For a full list of eligibility requirements, check out the BMO Financial Group Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship page.

Premier’s Healthy Living Scholarship for Youth

Award amount: $1,000

Awards available: 10

The Premier’s Healthy Living Scholarship for Youth is available for high school students from Manitoba who are positive role models for other children and youth in promoting healthy lifestyles.

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes for the top scholarships at the University of Manitoba, be sure to explore our extensive list of scholarships in our Awards Database.

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