3 Golden Rules for a Better College Experience

By Algonquin College Modified on September 13, 2022
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Get the most out of your college experience with these three tips from Algonquin College.

 3 Golden Rules for a Better College Experience

Starting college soon? It’s normal to feel a little nervous. The key to pushing through that anxiety is to think positively and have confidence in yourself! Develop a routine and follow these tips to set yourself up for an awesome college experience.

1. Don’t skip class

This may seem obvious, but it’s a big one. Showing up to class in your first year is usually a piece of cake but, as the school year progresses, it’s easy to start feeling a little too comfortable. You might start coming up with excuses for why you shouldn’t go, and this is a slippery slope you want to avoid.

Whether attendance is graded or not, and regardless of whether your class is at 8am or 7pm, it’s important to show up for yourself because, to put it bluntly, no one else will. Gone are the days of getting sent to detention for skipping. If you don’t go to class, the only real repercussion is losing a few marks or having more material to catch up on later. In the working world, you won’t be able to skip meetings just because you didn’t feel like going. Nip that habit in the bud while you still can.

In the end, it falls on you to decide if it’s worth it. Show up to class, but more importantly, show up for yourself. This is your time, so take it super seriously! Accountability and discipline are key.

2. Get to know your profs

Your profs have deep connections in your field of study. These are real industry professionals with years of experience up their sleeves. If you want to start your academic career on the right foot, making friends with people who can show you the ropes, get you the inside scoop, and mentor you in your craft is a goldmine of an opportunity. No one knows the subject matter better than the person teaching it. A simple “Hey, how’s it going?” before the class can get you far.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

No one expects you to have all the answers; that’s why you’re at school! Get comfortable raising your hand and putting your education first. If something isn’t clear to you, it’s better to set your pride aside and ask for clarification than to show up to your midterm with a murky idea of what you’re supposed to do.

A temporary moment of embarrassment can save you from potentially flunking an assignment. Not only will this help your grades and overall understanding, but it might help others who were too shy to bite the bullet like you did. Be brave!

Whether your journey has only just begun or you’re about to jump into your third year, it’s not too early (or too late) to make a positive change. Following these simple tips can help shape you into a responsible, accountable, and disciplined person, but it’s important to remember to be yourself, stay safe, and have fun. College is a wild ride and you’re going to love every minute of it!

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