Budget Friendly Tips to Save While Studying

By Tyndale University Modified on September 01, 2022
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Tyndale shares four tried-and-tested tips on saving your hard-earned money.

Budget Friendly Tips to Save While Studying

Paying off university or college tuition can seem overwhelming, but there are many ways you can bring down your costs.

1. Learn batch cooking recipes

If you can get over the monotony of eating the same meal for a few days in a row, it will help save costs significantly. Check online for great recipes, then set aside a day to cook. It will help you save in the future, too, when you'll need to bring your lunch to school. If you can get a buddy to batch cook a different recipe, you can swap meals to vary your palette.

Rice, beans, and frozen veggies, with a few spices included, makes for a simple, cheap, and long-lasting dish that will give you the healthy energy you need to succeed at school.

2. Work on-campus

Consider applying for student jobs if you can manage your time. It's an awesome way to meet other students and contribute to your school community.

Odds are good your campus has a career centre, with advisors who can help you review important documents, research openings, and prepare for interviews.

Working on-campus is generally preferable to working off-campus, as your campus employer will be familiar with student schedules, and probably won't overload you during the busiest times of the semester!

3. Apply for bursaries, grants, and scholarships

Check with your school's financial resources department to explore your options. You may find that the minimal effort involved to apply literally pays off. At Tyndale University, 90 percent of full-time undergraduate students receive scholarships and awards. See why applying is worth your time.

4. Become a coupon clipper!

It's smart to be frugal. There are many apps you can sign up for to check the lowest prices on groceries and essentials. Also, connect with your school to take advantage of any student discounts.

While Flipp might be the most popular coupon app, there are lots of other coupon apps to consider if your phone's got plenty of free space.

Follow these tips and look forward to savings!

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