Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research

By Mount Royal University Modified on June 12, 2022
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How Mount Royal helps students gain valuable research experience while still in undergrad.

Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research

You don't have to wait until graduate or professional studies to get involved in research. In fact, diving into the world of research and scholarship early on in your post-secondary journey comes with many benefits. Undergraduate research builds upon classroom learning and allows you to explore your interests, determine career goals and develop important relationships with faculty members. It can also help expand your academic portfolio and resumé, preparing you for future academic and workplace pursuits.

With student success always at the forefront, Mount Royal University (MRU) puts an emphasis on providing undergraduate research opportunities to help you feel confident and ready for whatever comes next. Here's a few of the ways you can get involved in research as a student at Mount Royal:

Become a research assistant

Research assistants (RAs) are an invaluable part of the research process. RAs work with faculty members to assist with on-going research projects. Duties and activities vary depending on the project, such as conducting literature reviews, supporting data collection and analysis, providing updates on research activities, planning research techniques, and using specialist software and equipment. Many MRU faculty are also keen to work with students to present and publish the outcomes of the research, adding an extra layer of experience and recognition. RA opportunities can be found through MRU's Career Services, RA Job Board or by inquiring directly with a faculty member.

Apply for an Honours program

Mount Royal offers Honours stream options for a variety of different majors. Throughout the Honours program, students complete additional courses in their subject area, take part in Honours seminars, work one-on-one with a chosen faculty member who will serve as their advisor and complete a thesis requiring original research. Honours students also have the option to submit their research for possible publication and present their research on-campus at the annual MRU Research and Scholarship Days showcase.

Take a Directed Readings course

Directed Readings at MRU are upper-level courses specifically tailored and arranged by a student with guidance from a professor. Completed on an individual level, Directed Readings allow students to deep-dive into a topic or area of interest that isn't currently offered as a course. After a proposal is submitted and accepted, students work one-on-one with a professor for a term to produce agreed-upon learning outcomes. This can include delving into a research project and possibly being credited for published work.

At Mount Royal, we believe research should be part of the classroom experience, not just something a professor does in a lab down the hall. Getting involved in research at the undergraduate level is a great way to explore interests, gain valuable experience, and prepare for the future. And there's no better time to start than right now.

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