5 Reasons to Study in the United States

By Tess Campbell Modified on April 27, 2022
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Discover if studying abroad in the United States is the best option for you at the US College Expo this Saturday, April 30, 2022.

 5 Reasons to Study in the United States

So, you’re preparing to begin your postsecondary education. Have you considered schools in the US? It may seem intimidating to leave the country for your undergraduate education, but there are numerous benefits to studying outside of Canada.

The best way to find out if studying in the US is right for you is by talking to these schools and discovering what they have to offer. You can easily connect with schools at the US College Expo taking place this Saturday, April 30th, 2022, in Toronto. At this event, you’ll explore all your US college options, and understand all aspects of the US admissions process, from selection, application, financing, and student athlete considerations.

Explore why you should study in the United States:

1. Top ranked schools

The US is home to some of the best universities in the world. You’ll often see schools in the United States appear in the top spots of world university rankings such as the Times Higher Education world university rankings. US schools achieve these top rankings due to their academic reputations, excellent teaching, research options, and more.

A degree from a school in the US is valuable in the international job market as its reputation precedes it. Schools in the US have high academic standards, and with a US degree, you’ll learn key skills, such as critical thinking and communication, that will prepare you for a successful career.

2. Flexible education

US schools offer a large selection of programs and courses that will match your interests. But how are you supposed to choose a program major when you haven’t had a chance to experience what’s out there? In the United States, universities don’t make you choose your major until your second year. So, in your first year of university, you can explore courses based on any and all interests you have to find the right program for you!

3. Campus life

Your time at university is not just about your classes and academics. You’ll also experience clubs, activities, and events that can help shape your interests and develop your personality. In the United States, you’ll find all sorts of clubs where you can explore any hobby such as painting, politics, or even Quidditch. Athletics are also a large part of campus life in the United States. Whether you decide to play on a varsity team, participate in an intramural sport, or choose to attend a football game, athletics are incredibly popular in the US and a great opportunity to make friends.

4. No student visa required

One of the biggest concerns about studying abroad is the long, gruelling process of obtaining a visa to study in the country. If you’ve wanted to study outside of Canada, one of the best options is the United States. As a Canadian, you don’t need to go through a huge process to obtain a visa. Canadians can enter the US as a student without a visa, and instead, only need a couple forms. Find out more about this simple process in the how to study abroad in the US article.

5. Gain independence

Studying in another country is empowering. You’ll be pushed outside your comfort zone and find your sense of adventure and independence. The United States is a good country to earn your independence and start your adventure since the culture is like Canada’s. You won’t have to experience much of a culture shock while you study, and you’ll learn how to take care of yourself, develop time management skills through your studies and social life, and find out who you are as an individual.

Do any of these reasons to study in the United States sound intriguing? An education in the US might be what’s best for you.

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