Cambrian College Offers New Stand-alone Nursing Degree Program

By Cambrian College Modified on May 07, 2022
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Get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Cambrian College starting this fall.

Cambrian College Offers New Stand-alone Nursing Degree Program

Cambrian College will begin offering its own stand-alone Bachelor of Science – Nursing (BScN) degree program, starting this September.

Unique features of Cambrian's new BScN program include an emphasis on:

  • leadership development
  • interprofessionalism
  • health promotion
  • acute care

All alongside additional hands-on training using a variety of teaching/learning modalities.

"Modern-day nursing is becoming more collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature, with nurses increasingly working in complex health-care teams that include physicians, therapists, and other clinicians," says Dr. June Raymond, Dean of Cambrian's School of Health Sciences. "We're confident it will produce graduates with the knowledge and hands-on skills to be leaders in the nursing profession."

New program approved by College of Nurses of Ontario

For the past twenty years, public colleges in Ontario have partnered with universities to offer collaborative BScN programs.

In 2020, the provincial government announced it would allow colleges to pursue their own stand-alone BScN programs, provided those programs meet all the requirements for a degree-level credential and are approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Cambrian students currently enrolled in the collaborative BScN program with Laurentian University will have the option to continue in that program and, upon graduation, earn a Nursing degree granted by Laurentian University.

Cambrian College would like to thank Laurentian University for its partnership over the past twenty years on the successful BScN collaborative program, which has well-served both institutions and the communities where their graduates provide high-quality nursing care.

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