Gain Relevant Work Experience at Lakehead University

By Lakehead University - Thunder Bay Modified on April 14, 2022
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Learn about all the ways you can add value to your degree with experiential learning.

 Gain Relevant Work Experience at Lakehead

Experiential learning has become a popular term used by schools, but what exactly does it mean? Experiential learning is incorporating practical, hands-on experience while you work towards your degree. At Lakehead University, this can look like co-op programs, internships, and more! 100% of our students have experiential learning opportunities.

What are the benefits of experiential learning?

Experiential learning provides you with the unique opportunity to get practice in your field of study and learn more about your potential future career before you’ve graduated. You’ll gain valuable work experience that you can put on your resumé, something that employers and scholarship administrators love to see! That experience can be used as leverage as it demonstrates that you’re reliable and eager to learn.

Lakehead’s many experiential learning opportunities

Experiential learning can come in many forms, and Lakehead offers plenty of opportunities for students like you to get involved.

Co-operative education

Co-op is one of the most common types of experiential learning, and at Lakehead, we have more than 27 co-op programs available! With co-op, you earn additional money while gaining hands-on experience in your desired field. You will alternate between your academic terms and work terms to complete your degree. We partner with over 140 national and international companies such as Amazon, Facebook, IBM, WestJet, BMO, and many more, so finding a company aligned with your degree is no problem!

With co-op, you will develop new skills and knowledge, gain a broader understanding of career options, establish professional relationships, develop a network of contacts upon graduation, and gain beneficial work experience. Want to know if your program offers co-op? Check out our list of programs with co-op options!

Undergraduate research

Research is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable work skills while in your undergraduate degree. You will work alongside world-renowned researchers, create something new, and work towards changing our future.

In 2021, Lakehead has ranked first in Research Infosource’s not-for-profit research income (PDF) among all undergraduate universities in Canada. Many of the research projects at Lakehead are focused on community and social accountability, further strengthening our top spot. We have also consistently placed in some of the top spots in the research universities of the year undergraduate category for the past few years.


Many of our programs include internship opportunities where you translate what you learn in class into practical skills in the workplace. Internships are a great way to network and can often lead to summer or even full-time employment.

Practicums, placements, and field experience

At Lakehead, we believe there is no greater opportunity than gaining real-life experience in your field of study. Most of our programs have integrated practicums and placements, or the opportunity for field trips. Add value to your degree with hands-on experience in your future career. This can look like a six-week clinical placement course in our Nursing program, participating in field practice experiences with human service agencies in our Social Work program, or even exploring an ecosystem of an environmentally protected bog in our Environmental Sciences program.

Community engagement

Link your studies to the communities around you. Contribute towards critical social issues in our local neighbourhoods by using your knowledge from the classroom and applying it to real people. This can look like building community gardens to help with food security or learning about fishing policies through wastewater treatments. Here, you’ll earn a degree with a deeper understanding of concepts as you’ve applied them to the world around you.

At Lakehead, learning beyond the classroom is in our nature, and the opportunities for you to gain relevant work experience while in your undergraduate degree are endless.

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