Top 5 Tips on Choosing the Right University For You

By Carleton University Modified on November 03, 2021
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There's a lot to consider when deciding on your school! Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Top 5 Tips on Choosing the Right University For You

Canada is an excellent study destination with high quality education — so you're already off to a great start! If you need help narrowing down your choices, here are some topics to consider and some questions you may want to ask to help you find the university that's the best match for you.

1. Benefit from high quality

  • What makes this school strong academically?
  • Can this university challenge me to become the best version of myself?
  • Can I engage positively with faculty?
  • What kind of academic support is available?

You may also want to look into university rankings — Carleton, for example, is ranked in the Top 5 among comprehensive universities in Canada. In the area of student satisfaction, Carleton's wealth of teaching talent was recognized, securing the No. 4 spot for Course Instructors.

2. Ask about opportunities

Find out about the unique opportunities that universities can offer.

Carleton has work-study opportunities available for most undergraduate programs, including co-op, field placements, practicums, internships and more. There are also 300+ Clubs and Student Societies to get involved with, and plenty of opportunities to volunteer. Undergraduate students at Carleton can also get experience doing research — even in first year!

3. Get a head start on your career

But then what?

  • How does the university set you up for success?
  • When you graduate with your degree, what will your resumé look like?
  • What new experiences and skills do you now have as you embark on your career, or further studies?

Work experience (including paid work experience in your field of study) during your degree helps give you an advantage when searching for a job upon graduation.

Along with helping students find co-op jobs and undertake other experiential learning opportunities, Carleton helps you achieve your career goals — with career advice throughout your degree, networking opportunities, job fairs, job shadowing, and guidance with resume writing and interviewing. The QS World University Rankings 2021 places Carleton in the top 20 in Canada for graduate employability.

4. Find value and meaning

  • Do you want to make a positive difference in your field of study?
  • Each university has its own personality and culture — what are the social contributions made by students, research and the university as a whole?
  • What is your interaction like with staff or faculty during events?

Carleton University is known for being a caring community, with students, alumni and staff who want to give back and make a positive difference — locally, in Canada and in the world. Carleton is committed to diversity, collaboration and volunteerism - which all provide connected and meaningful experiences. Students can contribute to real world solutions in areas such as sustainability, energy efficiency, accessibility, high-tech transportation, migration and refugees, advances in health care, public policy and more!

5. Find out about your university's city or town

  • Do you want to live in a fast-paced city, or do you need quiet green spaces? (Canada's capital city encompasses both!)
  • How easy is it to hop on a flight and get home?

The Carleton campus is located just outside downtown (a quick bus or bike ride) providing all the benefits of a world-class city with museums, galleries, the seat of government and a thriving tech industry, health sciences research labs and a fun foody scene.

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