Feed Your Curiosity with a Bachelor of Science

By University of Waterloo Modified on February 08, 2021

Discover the pathways, skills, and flexibility a Bachelor of Science offers.

Discover the pathways, skills, and flexibility a Bachelor of Science offers.

Looking to pursue your passion for science with the flexibility to study various subjects? How about gaining meaningful experiences before pursuing medical school or a Doctor of Optometry? If you’re looking for a wide range of career choices in a topic you love, a Bachelor of Science is perfect for you!

Beyond your high school science class

"Science is all about discoveries, your skills, and a desire to change the world," says Katelyn Doerbecker, recruitment coordinator for the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Science.

With majors ranging from Health Studies and Kinesiology to Chemistry, Biomedical Sciences, and Physics and Astronomy, a Bachelor of Science offers the flexibility to pursue your passion and truly make your degree your own.

Interested in learning about the natural world? You can pursue a major in Environmental Science. How about human health? Your journey may lie in Health Studies. If you want to fuel your love of science alongside the innovation of business, Science and Business could be a great fit.

The University of Waterloo offers nearly 20 different science majors as well as two professional programs: Doctor of Optometry and Doctor of Pharmacy.

Skills and experience

When you pursue a Bachelor of Science, you’ll learn more than what is taught in a textbook. From gaining the skills needed to create cutting-edge vaccines to learning how to take your discoveries from the lab into the business world, your Bachelor of Science will take your goals into the future.

At Waterloo, you can also add paid co-op work terms, providing real-world experience and a first step towards your dream job.

Your degree, your career

Whether your dream career includes a lab coat and goggles or stethoscopes and operating rooms, your Bachelor of Science will also prepare you for careers in business, health, education, and government.

"The neat thing about science is you’ll take research, co-op opportunities, and lectures to create skills that take you beyond the labs and let you define the career path that’s right for you," says Doerbecker.

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