Strength and Sport Opens Opportunities Around the World

By Canadore College Modified on December 17, 2020
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Studying athletics at Canadore could open doors to Ireland and beyond.

Studying athletics at Canadore could open doors to Ireland and beyond.
author: Canadore College

Canadore College's Strength and Sport Conditioning program teaches you the skills and techniques needed to help athletes reach their maximum physical potential.

It can also take you across the globe!

From Canada to Ireland

Jonathan BĂ©land completed the diploma in Strength and Sport Conditioning at Canadore College, which granted him advanced entry into year three of Limerick Institute of Technology's (LIT) four-year degree program in Ireland.

With the help of a great partnership between Canadore and LIT, Jonathan was able to complete a diploma and degree, as well as 1,000+ hours of practical work experience!

Here's what he had to say:

"My time at LIT was great. I learned a lot and met professionals who were happy to share their tips and experiences. My favourite memories are about coaching and developing the LIT Weightlifting Club with the help of my friends there. Ireland, especially Thurles, will always be a place dear to me," says Jonathan.

Canadore's partnership with LIT

This could be YOU: our agreement with LIT enables students to transfer government OSAP funding to LIT. Additionally, Canadian passport-holders are not required to apply for a visa before studying in Ireland.

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