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By King's University College Modified on October 23, 2020
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The Optimist Club of Oakridge Acres donates to the King's Student Emergency Fund.

The Optimist Club of Oakride Acres donates to the King's Student Emergency Fund.

A new partner organization of King's University College, led by a King's student, has made a generous donation to help students in need. As part of their recent Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors of the Optimist Club of Oakridge Acres unanimously agreed to donate $500 to the King's Student Emergency Fund.

Supporting youth in the community

Brian C. Gibson, Third Year Philosophy and Religious Studies student at King's and President of the Optimist Club of Oakridge Acres, a neighbourhood in London, Ontario, says the Club made the decision to donate because they wanted to support youth, fitting to their organizational values and mandate, as the Club strives to assist the broader community outside of their home in Oakridge.

"The Board of Directors saw no better way to do this than with our partners at King's. We are committed to working with and assisting not only our partners at King's, but the students who make the College the positive and optimistic institution as we see today," says Gibson.

A new partnership

In April 2020, King's signed a new partnership agreement with the Optimist Club of Oakridge Acres. The purpose of the agreement is to strengthen opportunities for community development in the larger London community, and allow both King's and the Optimist Club to strive towards the shared goal of creating a stronger community for youth in London.

"King's is delighted with of the generous gift of the Oakridge Optimists. The club is well known for its support of youth and these funds will assist King's students in need. We are so appreciative," says Marilyn Mason, Vice-Principal, Enrolment Services and Strategic Partnerships.

The King's Student Emergency Fund

The King's Student Emergency Fund provides financial assistance with:

  • food purchases and other essential costs for financially disadvantaged students,
  • housing challenges for those stranded far from home and loved ones due to border closures,
  • securing an internet connection at home,
  • and other financial hardships that have presented themselves due to the health crisis.

Members of the King's community are encouraged to donate as they are able to the Student Emergency Fund. Thanks to the generosity of our community, more than 500 King's students have received financial support. Every gift makes a difference.

Learn more about the King's Student Emergency Fund

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