The Balancing Act of University Life

By University of Regina Modified on October 09, 2020
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Prioritizing school, work, life, and everything else when taking the big step toward university.

Prioritizing school, work, life, and everything else when taking the big step toward university.

So, you're thinking about starting university. You might be asking yourself, how will I balance school with my other priorities? While attending class and completing homework is important, you will also need to consider your work, social life, and other commitments.

Setting your expectations

Having realistic expectations about the time commitments of university is a good start. While you'll spend less time in class, compared to high school, you will spend a lot more time studying outside of the classroom. While you may have had 30 hours of class and 2-10 hours of homework per week during high school, you can expect to have approximately 30 hours of homework/research each week in university. This is on top of the 15 hours per week you will spend in class! Being prepared and knowing what to expect is important to your success.

The big money question

You also need to consider your financial situation. It's important to know the cost of your tuition, fees, and living expenses to determine how you'll fund your education and whether you will decide to work part-time while attending university. Working on campus is a great way to make money, become better acquainted with campus, make connections with staff and faculty, and save time traveling to work!

At the University of Regina, students also have the opportunity to earn while they learn through our Co-operative Education and Internships. Through these programs, you can alternate practical, career-related, paid work terms with semesters in class.

Staying active and connected

Now that you know the time you'll spend on university coursework and earning money, you can add in some fun! Make use of your extra time by getting involved in intramurals, clubs and societies, student galleries and theatre productions, or other on-campus programs. Getting involved is one the secrets to success at university: you will network with other students, learn new things, and impress your future employers!

While at university, make sure to draw on the on-campus supports available to you, which will help you further manage your work/school/life balance. For example, the University of Regina Student Success Centre offers a variety of workshops to help you be more successful, with topics such as Time Management and Conquering your First Semester.

While the time commitments of university can feel overwhelming, developing a plan and using your supports will help you find a balance between completing your school work, paying for your education, and doing the things you love!

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