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Learn cutting edge game design and animation techniques with a 3 year bachelor's degree!

A man plays a video game in virtual reality developed at Middlesex University!

Are video games art? Whether you think so or not, they're certainly big business. The video game industry was worth $120 billion in 2019 — and Fortnite alone accounted for nearly $2 billion!

It's not all consoles and supercomputers, either: mobile games make up a third of all app downloads, and half of all mobile users play games on their devices.

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Games Design

If you grew up playing video games, you may have considered a career in game design. You're not crazy! Middlesex offers a BA or BSc — achievable in just three years — in Games Design that will give you hands-on experience creating your own games.

In the Bachelor of Arts stream, you'll focus on user experience design, while scripting games in engines like Unreal and Unity

In the Bachelor of Science stream, you'll focus on the technical aspects of iterative design and quality assurance testing.

Whichever way you go, you'll learn from industry pros from every level: AAA, indie, and mobile gaming. You'll sharpen your programming, story development, and gameplay design skills by developing, prototyping, and refining your own video games!

Bachelor of Arts in 3D Animation and Effects

Games need animators. If you're the artistic sort, consider Middlesex's three-year BA in animation and games. You'll develop expertise working with 3D software in all areas of animation: character art and animation, rendering and dynamics, Z-Brush sculpting, and more.

You'll even take part in virtual reality development with a full motion capture studio — not to mention the cutting-edge 3D printing and scanning studio.

Your skills will keep you in high demand across the video games and animation industries thanks to learning hands-on in a professional studio environment. Plus, the UK is home to over 2,000 active games and animation studios — so you may not be in demand for long!

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