What Does a Virtual Practicum Look Like?

By Bow Valley College Modified on August 13, 2020

One example of how schools are adjusting to make the fall semester the best it can be.

A Bow Valley College student enjoys her virtual practicum in the Early Childhood and Development Diploma program!

How Bow Valley College's ECED program meets the needs of students and families

A significant number of university and college-bound students have had their fall academic plans impacted by the global pandemic. At Bow Valley College we are ready to help support your educational and career goals.

We're faced with a unique challenge with our programs that incorporate practicums in the curriculum. For the Early Childhood Education and Development Diploma program (ECED), this practicum component is especially valuable for students to demonstrate their competencies and knowledge as an educator for young children.

Bow Valley College plans to deliver courses online for the 2020 Fall term, and the same is true for some of our practicums. The ECED program, for example, will be doing this through Microsoft Teams.

Virtual meetings, real connections

In small groups, students will connect with families virtually, and work with them to develop activities that they can do at home with their children based on their needs and interests. Given the current social and physical distancing measures we're all observing, our students will plan activities that can be safely done both indoors and outdoors.

The families will document their activities to share with our students for learning purposes. Families will participate of in enriching and fun activities that will help develop their children's emotional, social, and critical thinking skills. Plus, it's just plain fun!

Our students will gain the same working experience they would from an on-site practicum. We look forward to the outcome of this experience from both our students and families. This is a learning experience for everyone — we can't wait to jump in!

The Welcome Centre can help you with any questions or concerns about virtual practicums — or anything else at Bow Valley College. We're here for you. Talk to a prospective student representative toll-free at 1-866-428-2669, or email us at info@bowvalleycollege.ca.

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