Your New Adventure: Making the Transition from High School to University

By Grenfell Campus, Memorial University Modified on February 21, 2020
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Prepare yourself by building a supportive community and having fun!

Students enjoy the snowy weather at Grenfell Campus, making the transition between high school and university a breeze, thanks to these four tips.

It's application time. Thinking about heading off to university may fill you with excitement and joy. For many, though, the transition to university brings anxiety, uncertainty and apprehension. Universities recognize that adjusting to post-secondary is much more than learning how to navigate campus or adhere to class schedules.

Here are some things to think about as you prepare to make the transition from high school to university:

1) Lay the foundation

Making the most of the start of your university career is about building a support system. Before you arrive on campus, take some time to learn about what is available to you on campus. Are you worried that you will struggle with university-level academics? Do you have some physical limitation that requires something special? Are you concerned that you won't know anyone or that you will feel homesick?

At small universities, such as Grenfell Campus, many efforts are made to ensure the needs of new students are front and centre. From day one, we work to provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere that will put all of your insecurities to rest.

2) Build a support network

Grenfell Campus's Learning Centre has supports available to help you hone your study skills. There are two instructional assistants available to work one-on-one with you. If you're having trouble with mathematics, contact our numeracy instructional assistant. Our literacy instructional assistant can help you with essay construction, writing, grammar, and reading skills. The Learning Centre also offers a series of seminars designed to help students improve their study skills. You can also learn from other Grenfell students through our Supplemental Instruction Program. Here, student leaders direct group study sessions for targeted courses. You'll get an improved understanding of course materials as you develop strong study skills.

Our office of disability support will work closely with any students with disabilities to establish the supports and ensure appropriate accommodations are in place. Health Services works to provide you access to all of the medical and health professionals you need, right on campus, including physicians, physiotherapists, and counselling and psychological services.

3) Meet people, make connections

We're a small campus, with a supportive faculty and staff who wants to see you succeed. Our students form lifelong friendships here, whether through involvement in our student council, or through one of our many diverse clubs and societies. Half of our students live on campus, and residence life is a great way to form connections with other students and make great memories of your university career.

4) Find fun and adventure on (and off) campus

Located on Newfoundland's west coast, Grenfell Campus is a hub of outdoor activity all year long. There's world-class downhill skiing, hiking and mountain biking trails, water sports, caving, splining, and more, just a few minutes from campus ? and we'll help you take part through student outings and organized events. If that's not your scene, the city has a vibrant theatrical and visual arts scene, and of course, dozens of clubs and groups right on campus.

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