Booth UC Grads Succeed (And You Can, Too!)

By Booth University College Modified on January 10, 2020

Booth grads are making waves across the country and around the world.

Students happily read the success stories of graduates from Booth University College, making their marks across the globe.

Graduates of Booth University College are making an impact in local neighbourhoods and around the world. Our alumni community is over 1,000 strong and we love to keep in touch and hear what they are up to. We caught up with three alumni to learn about how the Booth UC experience contributed to their professional and personal journeys.

BoothUC graduate Jeff Armstrong.

Jeff Armstrong (Bachelor of Arts/09)

As a Christian Studies major at Booth UC, Jeff wanted to "gain foundational academic skills which would continue to serve me as I moved through other educational opportunities and into my career." He found that at Booth UC. With a love of learning, Jeff entered Booth UC right after high school. He was immediately struck by the professors' desire to see students grow and learn personally, spiritually and academically. This instilled great confidence. "This care for the whole student as an individual is something I have tried to emulate in my career as an educator." Today, Jeff is a grade 6 teacher at Valley Gardens Middle School in Winnipeg, MB. He credits Booth UC with strengthening his "passion for learning and teaching, which is something I try to bring to my school and students every day."

BoothUC graduate Amy Patrick.

Amy Patrick (Bachelor of Social Work/18)

"I knew I wanted an education that would take me into a field that focused on helping people, but I wasn't quite sure what that was going to look like." Amy did some research and discovered that Booth UC has a distinguished social work program. She could have gone to a larger institution in her hometown of Calgary, but instead decided on Booth UC. "Yes, it's smaller, but it makes such a difference that the professors know who you are as a person and they intentionally look out for you and help you." Amy graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree in 2018. After a stint as a Teen Outreach Coordinator in Calgary, she headed back to Winnipeg to attend the Salvation Army's College for Officer Training, with the aim of becoming a Salvation Army Officer (pastor). "The Salvation Army does so much good work overseas. Now I can combine my excellent Booth UC education with officership and help people in many different ways."

BoothUC graduate Faith Uminga.

Faith Uminga (Bachelor of Business Administration/19)

In conjunction with Red River College in Winnipeg, MB, Booth UC recently established a Bachelor of Business Administration degree completion program, and Faith was the first graduate of the joint venture. "It was wonderful that I was able to experience two terrific institutions. But I could also complete my degree in two years rather than three at other universities." A degree through this program lays the foundation for a successful career, whether in the for-profit or non-profit sectors, such as business analyst, market researcher, or financial adviser. Through the program, Faith also had the chance to participate in the 2018 European Innovation Academy in Turin, Italy. Today, "with my education, hard work, and luck, I will become a better leader in the business world."

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