Top 5 Productive Ways to Spend Your Holidays

By Cambrian College Modified on December 19, 2019
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Relax, catch up with friends, de-clutter, and other ways to make the most of your break.

Cambrian College students make the most of their holiday by spending time together while catching up on some reading.

By Jenna Tanti, Business Administration student at Cambrian College.

Congrats! You've almost survived semester one of the school year. You're probably waiting to get out of class to start your holiday — but I bet you're also wondering what you can do to be productive and prepared for next semester. Here are a few simple things you can do that will make a significant difference in your wellbeing.

Take time for yourself

You've just spent the last semester focusing and giving all your attention to your school work. Take a few days off — or a long weekend — and just let loose. It is very important to unwind and relax so you don't go back to school feeling like you didn't get a break. Engaging with a hobby is a great way to recharge.

De-clutter your workspace

Over the last four months you've probably taken between four and six classes. So, your books, desktop and binders have naturally become messy after final exam prep and assignments. Now is the perfect opportunity to put all those files in your archives, and throw out things you don't need anymore. It will feel good once you get back from your holiday to come back to a clean work space.

Call all your old friends

Get together with your girls and boys. Most everyone will be home for the holiday and excited about the semester they've just had. This is the perfect opportunity to see people you haven't seen in forever and have some fun. Take the time to do exactly what you've been waiting to do all semester and get together!

Get ready for your next semester

You probably don't even want to think about next semester yet, but you need to be prepared. Print off your course outline, so you know what to expect for the semester, purchase supplies you may have run out of last semester, and go over your book list and class schedule so you're ready for day one.

Work as much as you can, if you can

If you have a part-time job back home, try and get some hours, so that next semester you have a little extra cash. Having a part-time job throughout the holidays will keep you busy if you don't have other plans, but be sure to schedule a little time to decompress, too.

However you choose to spend your holidays, make sure that you're able to slow down and de-stress. These years are some of the best and most difficult of your life, and they will go by so quickly. Make the most of your time while you're able, and most importantly, enjoy your holiday!

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