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Explore the globe with Humber's many exciting study abroad programs

Happy Humber students celebrate their ongoing international experience with custom handicrafts.

If you're someone who loves traveling and would like to do as much globe-trotting as you can, then you should check out the programs Humber's International Centre has to offer.

Summer program abroad:

This program gives you an opportunity to live abroad for two to four weeks while you work towards earning your academic credits. There are a number of countries you can travel to, depending on your interest, such as Peru, India, Denmark and more. Visit the website and find out about doing a summer abroad.

Semester abroad exchange program:

You also have an option to spend an entire semester abroad. Experience a new culture while going to school. There are more than 20 destinations available in Europe, South America, the Caribbean, Asia and Oceania. You'll meet incredible people and see amazing sights. Visit the website to find a step-by-step guide to the application process.

Placement abroad:

If you're taking a program that has an internship component, you can choose to complete it in Canada or abroad. Taking part in experiential learning overseas is a great way to internationalize your resumé and stand out from your peers. There are a couple of stages that you need to keep in mind, so visit the website to find a step-by-step guide on how to apply.

Service learning:

Service learning provides you an opportunity to work cooperatively with members of a community abroad on locally-identified community needs. Service learning is different from internship or volunteer work, as it equally benefits the provider and the recipient of the services, and puts equal focus on the service being provided and the learning process for you, the student. Visit the website and find how you can be a part of service learning.

Faculty-led study tours:

If you have little or no prior travel experience, this is your chance to try it out, through safe and supervised study tours. They typically run for two to three weeks and will help you learn about the world from a new perspective. The website has all the useful information you might need to understand the process.

Global Citizen Certificate:

Humber also offers a free course called the Global Citizen Certificate. The program is a combination of academic courses, travel experiences and extra-curricular activities. It will not only complement the knowledge, skills and understanding you gained abroad but you will also exit with an e-portfolio that you can share with your potential employer or community of professional interest.

More resources:

We know that traveling is costly, but the great news is that there's financial support offered at Humber through an international mobility / study abroad bursary. We also have a number of other resources available to make your travel and learning experience abroad as smooth as possible:

Travel help: On these pages you'll find useful information to help you prepare for your experience abroad, including materials to learn about your destination, how to mitigate travel risks, locate consular assistance, health advice and general travel tips.

Scholarships and bursaries: Bursaries are available for Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs, and are awarded primarily based on financial need, although academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and community involvement may all be considered. Learn more about how to qualify and apply at the website.

If you're interested, and want to read more about the opportunities that Humber Global offers, visit our website. Bon voyage!

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