New 2 Year Visa Options for Students in the UK

By University of East London Modified on November 21, 2019
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Studying and working in the United Kingdom has never been easier.

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Studying in the UK has never looked better!

Really exciting legislation is coming into effect for 2020 that allows students to stay in the UK for two years after they graduate. This means that if you choose to do your degree in the UK you will have the opportunity to put those skills into practice right away.

Work opportunities are opening up for our international graduates that allow them to freely work across the UK after they graduate.

This was actually UK policy until 2012, when then-Prime Minister Theresa May scrapped the deal, arguing the two year visa was "too generous." Luckily for you, this generosity is being re-instated, so it's a great time to consider studying abroad.

With the change, grads will have a lot more than just four months to find a job in the United Kingdom. In fact, the extended visa doesn't depend on what you study or what job you're looking for. If you graduate from a university in the UK, you're welcome to stay and work for 24 months!

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for international students to truly internationalise their resumé before coming home. This is just another competitive edge that students can gain from their time abroad.

Clearly, this is a great time to study in the United Kingdom. Hundreds of thousands of international student's flock to the UK every year. Schools like the University of East London boast students from over 135 countries, collaborating and learning from one another. UEL is a university that has a deep-rooted history in pioneering futures, from the second industrial revolution through till now. Don't miss your chance to completely globalise your education and work experience!

To learn more about the forthcoming visa extension for those studying in the United Kingdom, you can reach out directly to UEL via email, at, or visit on the web at

Bon voyage!

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