What Is Experiential Learning, Anyway?

By Western University Modified on November 27, 2019

Be career-ready at graduation by taking advantage of unique learning opportunities.

A student at Western University takes advantage of a unique experiential learning opportunity by working in healthcare with an elderly patient.

Experiential learning is all about gaining career experience while you're a student. At Western University, there are 24 types of experiential learning and there are options in every program. Experiential learning can happen in the classroom, in the community, and/or in the workplace.

Here are some definitions of the types of experiential learning offered at Western University:

Typically paid, short-term (4 months) or long-term (8-16 months)

Alternate between terms of school and employment

Work experience that counts towards a certificate or license

Community Engaged Learning
Collaborate with a community partner to work on a project

Impact Experience
Travel to one of 12 local or global locations to support a community in need

In-class Experiential Learning
Field experience, simulation suites, case studies, research, labs and more

Learn about starting your own business and be supported in bringing your ideas to life

Study, work, or volunteer abroad
Choose from 170+ learning experiences in 40+ countries

While some universities may ask you to commit to a co-op when you apply, Western does not. We want you to explore your options — once you're a Western student, you can choose one or many opportunities.

If you want to know more about what studying at Western could be like, you can hear from students like you about their experiences!

Good luck on your journey to university.

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