Will I Find a Job After University?

By Redeemer University College Modified on November 14, 2019

4 ways a university degree can prepare you for a job after graduation, and so much more.

A student at Redeemer University College addresses the notion of finding a job after her post-secondary studies.

As you look into your options after high school, you might be asking yourself questions such as, "How would a university degree benefit me?", "Is it worth the cost and energy?", or "What will I really use from my four years of study?" You're not the first to wonder, so here are some things to consider as you navigate the big decisions ahead!

1. In-depth Studies Go a Long Way

It's not always easy to know what to study right off the bat. Consider your interests and dream jobs, and ask your friends and family what they think are your biggest strengths. Know the job market, but also know yourself! Usually when you choose a major that you're passionate about, focus and motivation come naturally. Immersing yourself in a degree for four or five years gives you a depth of knowledge in your field of choice that you may not get otherwise. Our faculty also challenges our students to think beyond the textbook and engage with what they're learning. While many things you learn in university may not come into use right away, the knowledge you gain goes a long way to preparing you to advance in your career and develop your capabilities in the future.

2. Build a Strong Resumé While in School

If you're looking into a professional degree like health sciences or business, look to see if there are internships or co-op options. Whether you study abroad for a semester, take part in an internship opportunity or get placed in a local business for a co-op, you can engage with your program through real world experiences and practices. These short-term work opportunities broaden your perspective of your field and also help you build a strong first resumé right after university.

3. Gain a Foundation Broader than Your Discipline

You may be surprised to find out that employers are looking for more than just knowledgeable individuals. Employers are looking to hire people who are adaptable, willing to learn, and can adjust their strategies in a constantly and rapidly changing workplace. This kind of flexibility requires a wide breadth of subject areas such as history, economics and communications, which give you a set of foundational skill sets, and a firm understanding of the world. You can apply these fundamentals in any future endeavour and continue onto further studies as needed later in life.

4. Education for the Whole Person

A university degree can be a great stepping stone towards a successful career, but it's more than that. Who you become after graduation is as important as what you do for a living. At Redeemer, we work hard to provide a well-rounded, Christ-centered education to our students. Every undergraduate degree program at Redeemer is integrated with a curriculum called the Core. You get to explore the larger themes of Scripture, culture and worldview, and reflect on how your particular field fits into, and interacts with, the world you live in. Redeemer equips you to live out your calling and grow your faith through all that you learn and do. Find out more about the programs Redeemer has to offer and how you can start your application.
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