Want to Work in the Great Outdoors?

By Olds College Modified on November 13, 2019

Get out from behind a desk and into the wide, beautiful world!

Olds College asks, do you want to work in the great outdoors? Lots of glory shots of just that.

Does the thought of working indoors at a desk every day make you cringe?

There are so many great careers out there that allow you to be outdoors and active every day... and Olds College offers some fantastic options to help you get there.

The Land and Water Resources Diploma program prepares its grads for careers emphasizing environmentally sustainable land management practices. Students in this program have the option of choosing from two areas of specialization:

Land Reclamation and Remediation Major | Prepare for a career in the reclamation industry by helping to ensure disturbed or contaminated land is restored to its original state. As oil and gas, mining, agricultural, forestry and urban development activities thrive all over western Canada, there are many employment opportunities waiting for you. Resource companies strive to meet government and industry regulations, which means you have the opportunity to provide the services they require.

Environmental Stewardship and Rural Planning Major | Whether it's a private company or municipality, you could be involved in decisions that affect the places people live, along with the environment that surrounds them. Planners have the knowledge and put the plans into place which improve public and private developmental decisions. Prepare yourself for a career ensuring sustainability of the soil, water and wildlife resources amidst agriculture or land development activities. This unique major is accredited by the Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians (CACPT). Successful graduates are eligible for membership as a Registered Technical Agrologist (R.T. Ag.).

Sustainability, water management, production horticulture, and urban agriculture are vital elements of the world we live in. The Horticulture Technologist Diploma provides you with a deeper understanding of horticulture, including the production and management of plants, the management of pests, landscapes, soils and water systems to achieve productive and sustainable systems. You will get to take part in Field School, where you'll work with a company to put your studies into practice, and earn a wage while you learn.

You will learn about designing specialty landscapes, how to start a horticulture business and how to foster an entrepreneurial approach to processing plants. You will also learn how to manage production of horticulture crops in response to market demands, as well as recognize the ecological, economic and social implications of horticulture decisions and processes.

Olds College also offers a Turfgrass Management Diploma. You will get to experience hands on learning in our impressive facilities. The unique BMO Landscape Construction Pavilion will ensure you experience hands-on bunker or irrigation construction irrespective of the weather. The computer-controlled greenhouses and living labs enable applied turfgrass research with the support of industry partners who supply the latest service equipment. Students will be on campus from January to May and will study one subject at a time in a three week schedule that allows for a deeper integration of each subject. In May, students will go back into the industry where they will participate in a minimum six month field school / internship. This is where the program really distinguishes itself from traditional educational offerings. As a student, you will be a paid employee in the industry, performing duties at the golf course while also completing your schoolwork.

If working in the great outdoors appeals to you, check out some of the hands-on learning opportunities that Olds College offers, and come learn employable skills in our state-of-the-art facilities.

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