Finding the Right Home Away From Home

By Cambrian College Modified on July 11, 2019

Should you live in residence or off campus?

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So, you've just graduated high school and you're about to leave home to attend college or university. There are probably some things that you are wondering, like what will I eat? How will I do my laundry? Will my room be big enough to hold all of my stuff?

But first things first — you need to decide whether you'll live in residence or off campus. Both options have great value for different reasons.

So, ask yourself this: What kind of lifestyle are you looking for? Do you want to be close to school and friends and have the 24/7 support of residence advisors? Or are you the kind of person who prefers a more private space where you can choose to live on your own or with roommates, and set your own rules?

Residence Life

Residence building styles, room options, and meal plans vary at each college and university, but they all have one thing in common — they are home to students just like you who are dealing with both the excitement and stresses of living away from home. That's why living on campus could be one of the best decisions you will make during your first year of college/university. Here are some of the other great perks:

  • You'll be closer to class — You can sleep in and still make it on time
  • The convenience of campus life — Everything you need is close by, from meals to support services to on-campus activities and more
  • Laundry is available on site — No need to lug your clothes to the laundromat
  • Gain an instant group of friends — Your floormates and roommate(s) are built-in friends and study mates
  • No monthly expenses to track — You'll typically pay for everything in one or two instalments, no need to think about housing costs after that
  • It's safe — Security is on site 24/7

Check out Cambrian College's dorms and townhouse residences to get a glimpse into what residence may be like for you.

Off Campus

If you don't feel like living on campus is ideal for you, renting an apartment or room off campus can be just as great. You'll have increased flexibility to:

  • Be as private or as social as you want — You have the choice to live by yourself or with others
  • Live by your own rules — Your landlord and/or housemates will expect you to be a respectful tenant, but you are free from any meal plans, security checks, guest passes for visitors, etc.
  • Rent long-term — If you're planning to stay in town during holidays and over the summer, you'll be all set
  • Keep your furry friends — There are no pets allowed in residence, but your landlord might let you room with your favourite animal
  • Live in your favourite part of the city — Pick a place downtown or in another part of the city that might be closer to your job, friends, or activities you enjoy

Where you live is all up to you, but regardless if you choose to live on or off campus, your new college or university will have many services to better help you get settled into your new city!

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