Five Advantages of Contacting a University or College Recruitment Office

By University of Northern British Columbia Modified on June 26, 2019

Never considered the many benefits of visiting a school's recruitment office? Read on

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If you’re beginning your research into choosing a university or college, Student Recruitment or Liaison Offices are an essential contact for you! Student Recruiters have worked with thousands of learners from all different backgrounds. If you’re not involving the recruitment offices at your institutions of choice, you’re missing out on these important benefits, which will help you find the right school, set yourself up for success, and make the most out of your education.

1. You get personalized answers based on your background, goals, and questions

Don’t just lurk the website, talk to an expert. Finding the right school isn’t always easy — it can take a little exploring and question-asking. An institution’s Student Recruitment Team’s job is to inform you about everything and anything to do with their university or college. At the University of Northern British Columbia, the Student Recruitment team’s job is to help you navigate program offerings & courses, answer questions about on-campus events & culture, student life around town and career opportunities following graduation.

2. They know where to go for information

In the rare event a Student Recruitment Officer can’t answer your question, they’ll know who at the institution to go to for a response. Maintaining a consistent contact at your institution(s) of choice makes things easier, and takes a lot of the guesswork and contact directory searches out of your hands.

3. They help you stay on top of deadlines and events

Applying to college or university includes a number of different dates and deadlines. Early Entrance, Scholarship and Awards, Housing Application, Course Registration! It can be hard to keep track of it all. Connecting with a Student Recruitment Office often includes joining a newsletter or mailing list, and through it you’re kept up to speed on not only important deadlines like those above, but also for on- and off-campus recruitment events geared towards students exploring their options! Education fairs, school visits and on-campus Discovery Days are scheduled throughout the year. The University of Northern British Columbia also provides a Student for a Day program! As a UNBC Student for a Day, you will visit our beautiful Prince George campus on a date of your choosing (providing we’re in the office and class is in session!), go on a full campus tour, see our on-campus housing buildings and our world-class Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre, attend a real UNBC lecture for a course of your interest, sit down and chat with a member of our student recruitment team, and lastly, enjoy a meal in our outstanding all-you-care-to-eat Dining Hall!

4. Apply with the strongest application possible

The strongest applicant is someone who understands their desired program’s admission requirements (which may be strictly academic or also include elements of personal background), knows where and when to send required documents, applies in time for early-entrance and regular entrance scholarships and awards, accepts their offer early, applies for Housing before the deadline and is ready to register for their courses once available. Here at UNBC, Student Recruitment Officers can help facilitate the decision making process by providing professional knowledge about program admission requirements, give you tips to prepare you for the best transition from high school to university possible, assist in course registration and help you draft a budget. No surprises, only confidence and excitement!

5. They might be visiting your city

University Student Recruitment Officers spend much of their time on the road, visiting high schools and colleges or attending education fairs all over the world! Contact the Recruitment Offices at your institutions of choice and find out when they’re visiting your city. Connect with them early, get to know the people and stories behind the school and plan for the next big stage of your life!

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