Four Reasons You Need to Take Summer Classes

By Centennial College Modified on June 19, 2019

Develop a new appreciation for summer school after taking in these four tips.

A colourful summer bouquet against a pastel backdrop.

It's tempting to spend the summertime on vacation. But there are real advantages to getting a start on your college courses in the summer. At Centennial College, we have a whole host of programs that begin in the summer that you can apply for right now. If you're serious about advancing your education and career, here's how summer courses can benefit you.

  1. 1. It’s a great environment to learn in
  2. It’s nicer to take classes when the weather is warm, the sun is out and the mood is more relaxed. If you attend Centennial in the summer, you can study outside and read under the sun. On top of that, fewer students take classes in the summer, so your campus will be quieter and less busy.

  3. 2. You’ll do better in school
  4. Those smaller summer classes mean every subject comes with more one-on-one time with your instructors, and more time to focus on your work. If your grades weren’t what you wanted, taking or re-taking a course over the summer is an excellent way to fix that.

  5. 3. You’ll be ready for September
  6. If you're taking a break over the summer, your education could suffer thanks to an experience gap, since you're stopping your learning for a few months. By taking summer classes, you won’t have to restart your brain in September, because you never stopped using it.

  7. 4. You can get ahead of your program and career
  8. Summer courses let you get classes out of the way faster, and get ahead of your program. This can be used to give you a lighter course load when September comes around, letting you focus on the more challenging subjects. Or, you can flip it around, and take those challenging subjects over the summer, where they can receive your undivided attention. What's more, you’ll graduate sooner, and enter the job market before the spring/summer graduates. By cutting ahead of the crowd, you'll stand out to employers, and have time to establish yourself before the rush.

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