What You Don't Know About Post-Secondary Life

By Briercrest College Modified on June 07, 2019

Looking ahead to higher ed? This one's for you.

A lone student stands with his back to the camera, looking out across the foggy campus of Briercrest College.

If you’re preparing for further education, you probably have a lot of ideas about what your life will be like at college or university.

Everyone seems to have advice for you. You’ve heard all the classics: “You need to be more organized,” “You need to save up more money,” “You need to start drinking more cups of coffee.” You know that there are challenges ahead, but you also know that as you go through school, you’ll be working towards the future that you’ve dreamed of. And somehow, that makes it all worth it.

Allow us to throw in our two cents’ worth: for all the things you can know about post-secondary, there will always be things you can’t know until you get there. Here’s how to get ready for the unknowns as best you can.

Visit campus

For all the knowledge you’ve received from different people in your life (yes, that includes the internet), there is no knowledge like experience. It’s never too late to take a tour of the campus where you want to study.

Book a personalized tour or join an on-campus event. Talk to professors, advisers, and current students. Make a campus visit a priority — and make the most of it!

Email student advisers

There’s no harm in sending away a few emails for insider information. Questions about programs? Dorms? On-campus clubs or events? You can start with your student advisers, but you don’t have to stop there. Email student development staff, leaders on campus, and professors with your questions.

As a bonus, you’ll start post-secondary with a few more connections than you normally would have.

Don’t fear the unknown

Finally, don’t be afraid of new experiences. Sometimes you just can’t prepare for the unknown.

But you can embrace higher education, with its challenges and its joys. Embrace things that will change you for the better. Explore your calling. Prepare for your future.

These things don’t happen automatically — they happen when you take a step forward.

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