Eight Study Hacks

By Ulster University Modified on May 15, 2019

Try these simple yet effective study hacks to increase your chances of success!


Whether you’re testing your knowledge so far or have an upcoming exam — try these simple yet effective study hacks to increase your chances of success!

  1. 1. Don’t stress — the more you worry, the less time you’ll spend concentrating! Take a walk, listen to music or call a friend. Breaks are necessary!
  2. 2. Avoid distractions - During allocated study time, leave your phone in another room, turn the TV off, find a quiet space.
  3. 3. Get inspired — read around your topic, watch a documentary, discuss with friends — get more insight and context for your area of study to help gain a better understanding.
  4. 4. Get creative — Make your learning routine more exciting with coloured notes/pens/imagery/flash cards. This may help you recall it more easily!
  5. 5. Practice — look at previous exam questions, explore topics that appear regularly, formulate answers to help you prepare.
  6. 6. Prepare before lectures — Print off and read through lecture slides beforehand, jot down any questions you have, come to the lecture prepared to discuss and debate ideas.
  7. 7. After lectures — Summarize discussion points, re-read the slides, spend some time thinking about the topics that were covered and conclusions that were reached.
  8. 8. Sleep — Getting enough sleep boosts your learning and memory ability. Try to consistently get between 7-8 hours each night.

During exam time our Students’ Union runs a ‘Stress Less’ campaign in which they provide care baskets and free tea and coffee within the libraries on all four campuses. Students can also avail themselves of fun puppy petting sessions to help alleviate stresses during this intense period of study.

At Ulster University we support our students; not only at exam time, but all year long. Find out more at ulster.ac.uk/studentsupport.