Reasons NOT to Choose a University

By Middlesex University Modified on April 21, 2019

Let’s be serious –these are things you might be considering, but shouldn’t!


It is common to see students choose universities based on the performance of certain sports teams, recreational activities and social groups. I wouldn’t be surprised if you knew someone who chose a university because their significant other is going there.

Others make their choice solely based on finances: you may be thinking of enrolling at the university with lowest tuition fee or the one where you get the highest scholarship. Another group of students pick the most prestigious schools because it will look good on their CV.

But, are these the correct reasons?

Although many of the above are certainly things to consider, we’ve noticed that many North American students pick universities for the wrong reasons. Chances are your parents moved to a good school district so that you can be taught in the best possible environment. If this is the case, why choose higher education based on unimportant factors?

Your university choice should, first and foremost, be based on the teaching excellence of the programme that you are applying for. Cost-efficiency may be important to you, but remember that higher education is an investment, not a waste. Remember, you are paying for the resources that the university is giving you to further your knowledge in a specific area, and for the opportunities that the university is providing you to learn the necessary skills in your field.

Are your friends going elsewhere? What a great chance to meet new friends and broaden your network! You can continue to perform sport activities and socialize on your spare time.

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